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Survivor Party

Survivor Party - Invite in a Bottle




Kim in Wichita Falls, Tx   USA


Feb. 2004


Special Mention

Survivor Birthday Party  Invited 10 girls to our lake house for a survivor sleepover. 

For invitations we used rootbeer bottles and corkscrews, then bought old looking paper, typed on it and burned the edges and put it inside the bottle.  I printed a survivor logo off the cbs survivor homepage and cut it out, blew it up and copied it, then laminated it and hot glued it onto the outside of the rootbeer bottle.  We hand delivered the inivitations. 

When the girls arrived I was playing the survivor theme song, and they had to walk out onto the dock.  There were stumps for them to sit on.  I then told them to look under the stumps and they discovered their team bandanas.  I found island looking bandanas in 2 different colors.  The first challenge was to see who could balance on one leg on top of their stump the longest without falling off. 

For prizes I used gummy worms, a big gummy rat, shell necklaces(I got at Claire's)along with other native looking jewelry, gummy lizards, gummy guts, sour test tube snake venom, and tiki looking necklaces I got from Oriental trading.  We had an insect finding contest that was timed and whichever team came back with the most different kinds of insects won. 

I also ordered off the internet some choclate covered ants, crickets, and millworms.  Also baked cheeze flavored millworms and crickets in suckers.  We had a bug eating contest.   I didn't expect any of them to eat them, I just wanted to hear them scream, but they all ate them! They all got a sucker with a cricket to take home. 

They had a fire making challenge.  We put metal around 2 stumps in our yard.  Whoever started their fire first won.  They had to find sticks, but had matches.  Then they had to follow clues I had hid in the 2 next door neighbors yards which lead them to the food.  I told them only the team that found the food first won, but that was just a joke.  I hid the food down a trail in a pasture across from our house. 

They had to cook their food over the fire.  Hot dogs and marshmellows.  I had bought coconut glasses from oriental trading, and wooden bowls, along with grass looking placemats.  I had separated the teams to a home base in each neighbors yard.  I would give them mail before every event.  I found little woven baskets that latched at the dollar store to put the mail in.  I also used ryhmes and riddles for each event and had made a cool picture to go on the mail ,for example a picture of bugs. 

Then they had a poloroid hunt for different items around the neighborhood.  Such as fishing poles, live deer, red birds, rabbits, certain signs, etc.  We had a coconut bowling, freebie throwing, and dart throwing contest.  Then  we had a bobbing for Kitty poop contest.  I used little boxes filled with grape nut cereal.  Then put miniture tootsie rolls that had been heated in the microwave just a little and rolled in the grapenuts.  They had to find and completely eat and swallow three pieces of the kitty poop with just their mouths. 

Then we had a diaper tasting contest.  I nooked different candy bars in the microwave inside of a diaper, such as snickers, babyruth, heathbars, etc.  They had to taste it with their own plastic spoons and guess what it was.  If they guessed right they got a candy bar that was the same as what they had guessed.  We had dirt cake made out of oreos crushed, choclate pudding, and gummy worms. 

I also made trancula treats out of special k cereal and melted choclate and butterscotch chips for the body, the legs were chinese noodles also dipped in the melted chips.  I used red hots for the eyes.  They also had a puzzle contest for whichever team could get theirs put together first.  I had found bug puzzles. 

By then it was dark and we had tribal council.  I had bought torches from oriental trading and we lit them and they carried them out on the dock.  I was playing the tribal council music from survivor.  Then I told the winner based on who had won the most contests.  We had a tent set up outside with fake snakes and spiders hanging down all inside the tent. 

I had got tiki lights that stuck in the ground for outside the tent along with some other tropical decorations hanging from trees.  I also put stuff animals, such as monkeys around. 

After they had been in the tent awhile, I secretly turned on a cd  right outside of the tent that I had copied of different animal sounds, such as wolfes howling, tigers roaring, monkeys, wild birds, etc.  I had setup a portable tv in the tent and they watched Swiss Family Robinson. 

For my daughter as gifts I had bought a real survivor buff off the cbs.com page along with the computer survivor game, and the survivor board game.  I also got an autographed picture from Penny(one of the survivors for her).  I couldn't swing getting a survivor to come. 

It was without a doubt the most awesome party we have ever done!!!!!

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