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Survivor Party (10-16yr) Tiki Luau Decorations






January 2012


Special Mention

ARRIVAL:  Materials: sacks w/ bandanas and supply bags 

ACTIVITY: Kids pick bandanas from a black or brown bag to make the tribes even. Have the kids pick 2 spots to make their ‘island’. Have them go to their islands and create a team name and its meaning. We bring out supplies.  Small items are in brown bags (snacks, cups, small water bottle, tape, gloves, 1 marker, pack of wipes, etc). Large items are tossed on floor also (brooms, boxes, cardboard, etc) Dump everything on the ground and at the sound of the whistle, they race over and grab as many supplies as possible and race back to their designated islands, where they have to open their supply bags and get organized. 

REWARD CHALLENGE #1: SHELTER ME: Materials: everything from Supply Grab Activity: They have 15 minutes to build a shelter that can stand on its own and all tribe members can get in. They must also create a team flag, including their team name. Points: 20 points for completion. Reward: Gatorade bottle to share.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #1: I’M PUZZLED:Materials: Brown color-coded bags with puzzle pieces, scattered around the yard. Activity: Each teams splits in half; half to look for puzzle pieces and the other half to put it together. Half of the Tribe Members from each tribe race out to find color coded brown bags (which are hidden in various places). They race back to their tribal island where the other half of the team assemble the puzzle. First tribe finished putting their puzzle together wins.  Points: 15 / 10. TRIBAL COUNCIL: Materials: Face painted Coconut. Winning team keeps it. Activity:Each Tribe announces Team Name/Meaning, Read Rules, Update score board. Each tribe sends a Rep. to vote for the opposite team to lose 5 points OR take something from their team/island.

REWARD CHALLENGE #2: HUBBA BUBBA:Materials: Bowls filled with cool whip & 1 piece of gum.Activity: Everyone lays down in 2 separate lines, facing each other. Hands behind their backs.Put bowls in front of them.First person to find the piece of gum and blow a bubble, wins. Reward: Bag of Gummy Worms to share.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #2: ICE AGE: Materials: blocks of ice, filled with plastic bugs. Activity: Each must melt a block of ice and get as many plastic bugs out as possible. Cannot break/smash ice. Points: 15 / 10

(TRIBAL COUNCIL)REWARD CHALLENGE #3: HANGIN’ AROUND Materials: apples, twine Activity: Starting point is their island. At the blow of the whistle, they need to run to the hanging apples, and with hands behind their back, eat the apple off the rope. Reward: Bag of Smarties to share.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #3 OUTWIT THIS! Materials: chalk boards Activity: Tribes are given chalk boards to write their answers on and are given 5 questions one at a time each in an individual sealed envelope. At the sound of the whistle,  they open the first question, consult over it and then one member writes the answer and then races to stand in front of their team flag, where they reveal their answers.Give that team the next sealed question on the way back.Repeat until all questions are asked/answered.Points: 5 for each correct answer.(ex. If you are in a dark room with a candle a wood stove and a gas lamp. You only have one match so what do you light first? The Match; Who created Disney World? Walt Disney; A farmer has seventeen sheep. All but nine of them die. How many sheep does he have left? Nine; A rooster lays an egg on the top of the roof. Which way does it roll? Roosters don't lay eggs; What school did Harry Potter go to? Hogwarts)

(TRIBAL COUNCIL) REWARD CHALLENGE #4 FEED ME: Materials: Various foods in cupcake liners.Activity: Each tribe is given various items to eat. For every food they eat: 5 points. For every food they won’t eat: -5 points. For every food they spit out, but try: 2 points. Reward: Water Bottles and Bag of Chips to share. FOODS: Eel Liver (deviled ham),Seaweed (spinach),Rat Droppings (chocolate covered raisins),Anaconda Eyes (small pickeled onions),Monkey Intestine (canned beef stew, Gator Tongue (mango chili slices).

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #4 CATCH ME Materials: 4 containers filled with plastic bugs and live crickets.Activity: Give each group 1 container. Each tribe member will have a chance, however each one will be timed (5 seconds).Take out as many plastic bugs as possible, without taking out any live ones. Reward: 5 points for each plastic bug that comes out. The finale is the obstacle course: zig zag thru orange cones, go thru the bounce house and down the slide (rented), cross balance beams (4x4's) while pelted with balls by parents, MILITARY CRAWL UNDER STRING & STAKES, RUN THRU TIRES, JUMP OVER A HURDLE, PUT ON HULA SKIRTS / ACCES. AND RACE TO TUG-OF-WAR ROPE….MUST WAIT FOR ENTIRE TEAM TO ARRIVE!

INVITATIONS: clip art Survivor Logo and print on beige card stock. I burned the edges all the way around.

FOOD: I made chocolate bugs and lots of the usual appetizers (veggies, chips, etc). Hot Dogs and Chili (it was a cold day).

DECOR: tiki / luau stuff. This was A LOT of work, but everyone was ranting and raving. I had 25 kids / 2 Teams / Ages 10- 16. It's easy because you can improvise and use anything...it just takes a lot planning and organizing.

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