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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -11yr- Survivor T-shirts




Sydney in Oliver, British Columbia, Canada


July 2010



For my 11th birthday party me and my best friend had a joint birthday party, a survivor party. My parents made all the challenges so that it would be far towards everyone else.

INVITATIONS: for the invitations we (myself and my best friend)printed out on plain white paper our names, theme, time, date, place and to RSVP by a certain date. We then printed out 11 (that’s how many people were coming) and one extra, just in case. We left room on the bottom and drew a picture of a palm tree and the word survivor in crayon. Next we stuck 5 green tea bags in hot water, let them simmer and rubbed them all over the top of each invitation. We let them dry then flipped them over and did the bottom. We let them dry some more and then my mom burnt the edges slightly with a small lighter. This gave the invitations a cool rugged look. Then we rolled each one up, tied it with ribbon and wrote the persons name on it. A week before school got out (we had our party on the first day of summer)we put them in everyones lockers after the final bell so they found them the next day.

FAVOURS: before the party my parents got t-shirts made about 2 weeks in advance that had the survivor logo on them but instead they read survivor tuc-el-nuit lake (the lake I live on which is where the party was held) and then happy birthday sydney and sydney. Everyone got a t-shirt when they arrived to keep at the end.

DECORATIONS: there wasn't a lot of decorations because we were outside. We got some cool flower-printed table cloths and balloons in all different colours which we tied to trees, railings on the deck, the sign at the top of my drive way and the back of everyones chair around the dining table.

THE PARTY: basically everyone got dropped off in about 20 and when they got there they got a t-shirt. Once everyone was there me and sydney made the teams. There was two bowls, a boys names one and a girls names one. We each pulled names until there was nobody left, each person was on a team divided evenly. We took a picture of each team then the challenges started.

CHALLENGE ONE: the first challenge was a physical challenge. Basically each team was in a line and each person had one chance to throw a ball through a hoop. If they made it through they ran to the beach and got in their teams kayak and kayaked around a buey about 100 feet out. If you didn’t get it through you went to the end of the line. The team who all its members kayaked around the buey and was on shore at their line won. *we all hung out for about a half hour using the boats, going swimming and beach volleyball until the next challenge*

CHALLENGE TWO: the second challenge was an eating challenge. My parents made all these gross dishes. A member from each team would step up and try to eat this gross dish. First person with their dish all eaten won the round. Some dishes we made were jello eyeballs (overboiled jello in ice cube trays with a berrie in it, overboiling makes a thick lumpy consistency); orange juice and brocolli smoothies; peeled grapes, spaghetti and asparagus; gummy spiders with ketchup; worms and dirt" (gummy worms and pudding). All the dishes came out covered until after people decided who was going next. The team with the most won rounds wins.

LUNCH: we had lunch after kind of ironic I know. We had pizza assorted salads fruit kabobs veggies and dip chocolate fountain and punch with sherbet in it.*we all hung out for about a half hour using the boats going swimming and beach volleyball until the next challenge*

CHALLENGE THREE: challenge three was a mental/physical challenge. A member of each team would race each other to the rope swing (a swing in my backyard that you jump off of and into the water) and jump off of it. From there you would swim out to the raft and grab a puzzle piece from your teams bin.(sydney and I before hand painted long boards one orange one blue. Then my parents took them and some craft paint different colours and wrote a message then used a saw to cut each letter) then you swam back to shore and put the puzzle piece on your mat. You weren't allowed working on the puzzle until after all the pieces were in. once all the pieces were in each team got together and started trying to put together the puzzle. The team who solved the puzzle first won. Our puzzle message was 'best friends forever'. After wards we swam and boated and kayaked and just hung out some more for about a half hour. Then we had ice cream cake then opened presents. Then we all just hung out until everyones parents came and picked them up

FAVOURS/GOODY BAGS: each person got a big bag of candy sydney and I made a certificate saying you passed survivor (also made by sydney and I printed off of our computer) and the t-shirt they got at the beginning. It was a super fun party and the challenges made it so that there was no need for extra games. And just the hanging out part between let us have a lot of fun. "

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