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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -  Ice Cube Melt in Hands




Lesley in Mount Forest, ON., Canada


May 2006


Special Mention

Our family enjoys getting our drinks and popcorn ready every week for Survivor, so when my son asked for a Survivor party... I thought this could be done!  Invitations: I bought cream coloured card stock paper and printed them myself, with the Survivor logo on the front of them. You are invited to take part in the production of a kids style Survivor party, details are as follows:  Who, What, Where and When.  I downloaded the Survivor logo from the internet and attached it to the Invitations.  On the invitations it mentioned that there would be Challenges, Tree Mail, Food Challenges and Rewards.  Also, I mention that kids should wear old survivor style clothes - just incase they get dirty, and if they could bring an item that they would find useful if stranded on an island.  They had to tell us why they thought this item that they brought would be useful.  The team that brought the most items, were given 5 points. 

Decorations:  I bought tiki torches at the $ Store and placed them throughout our yard. We have a large fire pit in our backyard that we made that our "Tribal Council" area 

Guessing Game: Something we've been doing for the last few birthday's (my sister-in-law gave me this idea) Usually purchase 2 sports bottles from the $ Store, and fill them with candy.  As the kids arrive we ask that the kids guess how much candy is in the sports bottles.  Girls guess on theirs and boys guess on theirs.  The one girl and one boy who comes closest wins the sports bottle and candy! 

Costume: I bought 2 different colours of bandana's, yellow and green.  I used the Survivor logo that I downloaded and used iron-on transfer paper to copy the logo onto the bandana's.  They turned out great.  So, as the kids arrived they were asked to reach into a brown paper bag and pull out a bandana, that would determine what tribe they would be on.  They also had to come up with tribe names.  We gave them cardboard and crayons and they had to draw a sign and then we steaked it in the ground, that was their camp.  We explained the rules.  We are going to have 6 team challenges.  Each team is trying to win.  If your team wins that challenge you will be awarded 5 points, if you loose you will be awarded 3 points.  

1st Team Challenge: Obstacle Course -  We set up a few things in our backyard.  As a team  - Run to the rope that had loops already tied, that they each had to get into a loop- Crawl under the rope in the sand box- Walk the balance beam- Then everyone had to get out of their loops in the rope- Swing the hula-hoop- Throw a frisbee into a basket The team who got the most frisbee's into the basket won 5 points and 3 points for the losing team.  

2nd Team Challenge: Tug of War -  The team left standing wins 5 points and 3 points for the losing team.  

3rd Team Challenge: Ice Cube Melt -  The first team to melt the ice cube in their hands, without dropping it, then eat the gummy bear inside wins 5 points and 3 points for the losing team. (I had the ice cubes ready… but thought it was a little to cold to do.)  

4th Team Challenge: Food Challenge -  I didn't want to gross them out, so our food challenge was simple and fun!  Food was placed on plates, we presented them with the plates and amongst the team they had to eat all the food on the plates. - Marshmallows- Fruit loops Cereal- Chocolate M&M's - Party Mix Munchies- Licorice Nibs- Cherry Tomatoes- Chocolate Chip Cookies  It was funny to see that some of the kids just stuck to one food item, others shared a few different things.  The team that finished eating first wins 5 points and 3 points for the losing team.  

5th Team Challenge: Water Balloon Toss -  We filled up enough water balloons so that each team member had 20.  They lined up behind a pylon and had to get the water balloon into the hula-hoop. The team that had the most water balloons that stayed in the hula-hoop without bursting wins 5 points and 3 points for the losing team.  

6th Team Challenge: Race for the Rainbow -  Each team is given a bag, as well as a piece of paper containing a written list of all the colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet).  Each team has to find at least one object in nature (or anything outside) that matched each colour of the rain bow.  For example: a red apple, orange leaf, yellow dandelion, etc.  For each object they find they have to place it in their bags.  The first team to find objects that match each colour of the rainbow is the winning team and win 5 points and 3 points for the losing team.  

Tree Mail / Team Merge: We blew a whistle to let them know that they had tree mail, and they all gathered to where it could be read.  We've played the games and had some fun, In true survivor style we will now all merge to become one.  Don't give up yet, there is still two challenges left before your dinner, Because we still need to find a survivor winner.  

6th Individual Challenge: Balls and Cans -  Each player throws the balls at the can's with their name's on it.  First one to get their 3 cans down, wins reward. (We didn't get a chance to do this one it was a little to windy.)  

7th Individual Challenge: Tree Stump Stand -  Each player stands on a tree stump with both feet.  Then after a couple of minutes we then told them to raise one foot and remain standing on one foot.   We had chocolates ready for bribery.  Some had incredible balance, some wanted the chocolates! Last one standing gets reward!  

Points were tallied, and a winning tribe was announced.  The kids then voted who they thought was the Sole Survivor. 

Immunity Necklace: The birthday boy made an Immunity Necklace prior to the party.  I just picked up an assortment of beads and a Dream Catcher from the $ Store along with Aircraft cable and we made it ourselves.  Sole Survivor: Got a $5.00 Gift Certificate for McDonald's !!!  Tribal Council: We started with opening the presents. 

Cake: I took a colour printout of the Survivor Logo to Dairy Queen and they scanned the logo onto the cake, which is an edible image.  Looked good! 

Loot bags: Used brown paper lunch bags, burned them a little and put the Survivor logo on them and filled them with goodies!!!  The kids had a great time!!!  Survivor's Ready???

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