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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -11yr- Disgusting Food Challenge




Hillary in Kelowna, BC, Canada


May 2005


Honorable Mention

SURVIVOR PARTY - 11 YEAR OLDS  Simply called with invitations (nothing fancy) - Party was on a Friday from 6 - 9 pm.  Sign on door said SURVIVOR - OUTWIT, OUTLAST, OUTPLAY.   We had TIKI torches and Hawaiian type plates, etc.  TIKI pinata was the centerpiece on the table.   

1.  Invited 14 kids - divided into 2 teams (red and blue) before they arrived.  We had coloured pinneys for the kids to wear. 

2.  Teams first had to decide on a team name knowing (but not why) that the longer the name, the better, but it had to make sense and not be supercalifragilusexpealadotious!  Red team chose AMPHIBIANS and the Blue team chose ZANSOBAR. 

3.  First event was the OBSTACLE COURSE - Ours was to walk on stilts (5 steps), hulahoop (10 circles), walk on bench (balance beam), pogo stick (5 jumps), skipping rope (5 skips), soccer dribbling around markers, score a goal, return ball.  First team back got a point. 

4.  Next was the PUZZLE - Took 2 old puzzles turned them outside down and wrote SURVIVOR - OUTPLAY on one and SURVIVOR - OUTWIT on the other.  First team to complete puzzle got a point. 

5.  SCAVENGER HUNT was next - Hid toy bugs, spiders, snakes, frogs and lizards in front yard - groups had to find 2 of each (but not more - or they lost point) and when they had found all, each member of their team had to score a basket. 

6.  GROSS FOOD - 2 Candy worms under chocolate pudding and oreo crumbs in bowls and then on paper plates- kids had to retrieve worms without using cutlery or hands (they were behind back), using only their mouths.  They could not eat them until all were counted. First team with all worms out received a point. 

7.  STUMP STAND - Kids had to balance on bricks on one foot - Actually started raining hard at this point which added to the drama.  We had chocolates ready for anyone who put a foot down (BRIBERY) - Some kids had incredible balance so we had to get creative and make them do tasks like go up and down or close their eyes otherwise this could have gone on a long time! 

8. BRAIN BENDER - Teams had to write down as many small words as they could find in their team name in 5 minutes.  Team with the most words got a point.  (Hence, why it was advantageous to have a longer name) 

9. DISGUSTING FOOD CHALLENGE - Mixed oatmeal with salsa, raisins and barbq peanuts (no allergies) and put a heaping tablespoon on each plate.  Teams got a point for each team member that completely finished their plate. 

10.  BALLOON TOSS - Filled up enough water balloons so each team member had 2.   Lined up behind a pinecomb marker and had to toss into a hoop a fair distance away.  Points were awarded for each balloon that landed in the hoop that stayed (popped or not).  If the balloon missed the hoop but did not pop, the thrower got another chance. 

11.  PINATA - Found a TIKI pinata, filled it with candy and the bugs etc. from the scavenger hunt and kids lined up to hit it with a broom - team member that actually broke the pinata (sent the candies flying) got a point for their team.  We put all the candy together and distributed it fairly.  (Kids idea, not mine!) 

12.  TRIBAL COUNCIL - Birthday cake (with SURVIVOR LOGO) and prizes awarded to team members - we had 2 different prizes - 1 for the winning team team members and 1 for the other; however, both prizes were good and lots of the kids exchanged with other team members!   

13.  BIRTHDAY GIFT OPENING - Did it alphabetically, so there's no argument!  Activities were fairly simple to prepare.  The kids had a blast and were fabulous sports -   We had a lot of fun!  Timing worked really well - the last gift was opened as the first parent arrived.

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