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Survivor Party

Survivor Party -9yr- Smoke Bomb Signal




Theresa in Queenstown Tasmaina Australia


January 2005


Special Mention

9 year old Survivor party for my son 

This year my son didn't want a party that had games for little kids as he is growing up, we were watching Survivor on TV when he asked if he could have a party like that.  So we sat down and made the invites, by down loading the survivor logo off the interent, and asked if you can out wit out play and out last then you should come to Joshua's party.  I explained on the back of the invite how they were going to spilt up in too two teams when they arrived and let parents know that they needed a change of clothes and or bathers and towel as we were going to have some messy and wet games.

Once the kids arrived, we sat them down and they had to reach into a bag and pull out a Bandanna (red or blue), once each child had done that they had to get in to their groups, were I gave them a clothes basket and in it was a tarp, rope, a blank flag, fabric paint,body paint, one packet of dry biscuits and a 4 litre bottle of water and they had to go to the front yard were they would find their team colour and to set up camp. In camp they had to chose a team name and decorate the flag, and once they did that they could decorate themselves. 

We also had a list of instructions on what they had to look out for, so they would know when their challenges started.  My Husband had got some coloured smoke bombs in the team colours, so when they saw the smoke they knew they had mail.  Each challenge was set up with a clue in the mail on what to expect and then make their way to the backyard. 

The first challenge was an obstlce course where the quickest team through won the idol (we had five challenges, and idol for each, but they could only go through to the next part of the course once their whole team had got through, first up we a tunnel they had to crawl through, then on to the water play gym and make their way though it (don't forget this was for a 9 year old and the gym was designed for 2 to 5 year old so this proved a squeeze for some of them), then they had to race to the balance beam and make their way across if they fell off they had to go back to the start, then they had to belly crawl under a little tramp only 40cm off the ground, then my husband had made a spider web under the big tramp that they had to get though and then race to the finish.  The team that was the quickest won the idol and also got to eat first at the party table, this went down a treat as the team that lost took thier flag and headed off with sad faces and looks on their faces as if they hadn't eaten for days. 

Once the team that won got back to camp we set off another smoke bomb and a start of another challenge, this challenge we had a tug of war best out 3 over a water sprikler and into a mud pubble (told parents in would be messy), the team that won got to have the left over party food, we had a beak then so the kids could have a BBQ of sausages and hamburgers, we then did the birthday cake, once the kids had settled down we sent them off to camp and set off another smoke bomb and to their third challenge which was a eating contest, 

We got them to line up in their teams and on go the first in each line had to run down to a old swimming pool full of slime (6 boxes of Lux soap and 3 litres of water green food colouring which had been sitting for a week so nice and thick), dive their hands into it and find a ball which had a number on it race back to to the start hand it over to myself or my mum and we dished up what ever the number was we had 7 items so we had marked the balls 1 to 7 with 2 balls in there with the number 8 on it which was everythink mixed together.  

We had 1/2 an apple, m'm's with canned whipped cream, lolly snakes with honey, gummy frogs with chocolate syrup, lime jelly cubes with sour grubs, cold spaggetti, cold mashed pupmkin with boiled rice, this went down well with some of the kids not been able to eat it, they had to show a empty mouth and then tag the next one in line, once this was done and they had cleaned up a little they were sent back to camp to get a drink and to relax by this time we were 1 to 2. 

our fourth task was a water balloon race where they had to get a water ballon hold it between their legs and had to make their way 6metres up the yard to a bucket and drop  the water balloon in it without breaking it, the team with the most balloons intake won, at the end of this they had a big water balloon fight and then back to camp to wait ther last challenge, which was a  egg race were they had to line up arms length away from each other in a line where we got 6 eggs per team and craked the egg in to the persons hand and then they had to pass it down to the last person who put it in jar the team at the end with the most egg won. 

Once this was done we presented the winning team with their prize, which was treasure chest full of chololate gold coins, candy necklaces, and a container of bubble mixture, the team that lost, got handed, a small chocolate, a small candy braclet and a plastic spinning top, we then made our way to the empty block next door where my husband had set up some fireworks for them (no skyrockets or anythink just fountains and that kind of thing) where the kids relaxed before their parents came to pick them up, as each child left I handed them a stick with a hanky tied to it full of goodies and a bit of birthday cake. 

All the kids enjoyed it and the parents that stayed to help and to have a few drinks and bite to eat also loved it, my son is already planning his party he thinks he might try a big brother party but as for me I just don't think so.

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