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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Party -4yr-  Musical Strawberries




Pamela in Calgary, Alberta, Canada


May 2006


Honorable Mention

Our daughter will be 4 soon and we're celebrating by having a Strawberry Shortcake tea party! I have purchased a cute little outfit for her to wear that day, that will co-ordinate with everything -- short-sleeved white cotton blouse that has small strawberries embroidered  all over; matching pants with strawberries embroidered on the side front pocket and around the hems.

INVITATIONS: I used our computer for these. I used 6"x6", pale green cardstock on the front, I printed a picture of SSC (free clip art off the internet).  On the other side, I used a pretty font in dark green -- "You are cordially invited to a 'berry' special party to celebrate _____'s 4th birthday! Please join us on (date), at (our home). Tea will be served at 2 p.m. RSVP to Pamela by phone: _____ or email: _____." Under that, I put a small strawberry (more free clip art) our daughter's name was itallicized and in a bright pink colour so it would stand out our daughter hand delivered these to her friends nvery cute!

GUESTS: we've invited 5 little girls, 3 little boys and also their moms if they would like to stay the ages of the children will range from 2 to 4 years old!

DECORATIONS: I bought a SSC towel at the end of the summer season last year and will hang it on our front door also picked up two ivory coloured metal pails that had red stripes on them (Wal-Mart) that I will use for centrepieces on the kids tables I will use white/red/lime green/pink balloons white streamers.

TABLES: I'll use our dining room table for the adults and beside that, I am setting up two children's tables -- each seating 4 kids (we have one, and I'm borrowing a friends) the grown up table will have a white cotton cloth and we'll use our good dishes and china cups/saucers (I will make sure they are all pink/red/green patterns) each place will have a place card, as well as a tiny vase with fresh flowers (either lily of the valley -- flower for May -- or small flowers in red/pink) napkins will be white cloth it'll be fresh and pretty I'll use crystal candle holders with pink candles and a crystal bowl of strawberries in the center this table will have a plate of strawberry cream chocolates from Bernard Callebaut! Delicious!!

There will be two children's tables close together each will have a red plastic cloth (cutting one big one in 1/2 to have one for each table) and I will cut big scallops on the edges next I will layer a shorter pink plastic cloth, scalloping those edges, tool  will put a large white paper doily in the center and sprinkle them with red shiny confetti then the metal pails -- I have plants with pink blooms to put in those I'm using lime green paper plates, SSC napkins each place will have a place card (done on computer -- ivory card stock, red font, SSC clip art) and a porcelain tea cup and saucer (I bought two inexpensive children's tea sets that are white with pink polka-dots -- Superstore) after the party, I can remove the pails and tea cups/saucers and just discard all the rest!

FOOD: I will serve a fruit platter (green/red grapes, strawberries, kiwis etc. -- all red/green), mini bagels with strawberry cream cheese, chocolate dipped strawberries, a bowl of red/green/pink m&m's (Christmas package I have in the freezer, mixed with pink package, for breast cancer research) there will be tea for the moms and strawberry/kiwi juice for the kids then, individual strawberry shortcakes for each person on our buffet, I will have a crystal bowl filled with whipped cream, another bowl filled with sliced strawberries (with SSC doll beside it) so I can serve cake to everyone easily also on the buffet I'll have an assembled ginger bread house (with Ginger Snap doll beside it -- kids will decorate that together) and red/green coloured sugar (for kids' cake) I plan on getting a "4" sparkler for our daughter's cake.

GAMES: 1. Strawberry and spoon race -- like the egg and spoon race I have toy plastic fruit/spoons that we can use 2. Musical Strawberries -- like musical chairs but I will print out large picture of a strawberry on plain white paper and kids can step on the strawberry, instead of using chairs the music will be SSC cd (Wal-Mart) 3. Pin the Seeds on the Strawberry -- I will make a huge strawberry out of poster board and use yellow stickers to make seeds.

CRAFTS: I'll have 3 centers 1. SSC colouring page 2. Make an edible necklace out of strawberry licorice (red shoe string licorice as the lace, and Twizzlers cut up in pieces to thread on) 3. Decorating the ginger bread house.

GOODIE BAGS: Girls -- strawberry lip balm (Dollar Store), strawberry shoe lace charm (Gap), SSC stickers (Wal-Mart), SSC book (Dollar Store), strawberry candies (wrapper looks like a strawberry - cute!) Boys -- large red sand shovel (Dollar Store), strawberry bubbles/blower (Dollar Store), Hubba Bubba roll of gum in strawberry flavour, strawberry candies items are in large clear cellophane bags, tied with pink/white/green striped ribbon (looks like the ribbon on SSC hat! -- got it at Michael's) I also include thank you notes in the goodie bags we give I have printed off "Thank you for the berry special gift -- it was so sweet of you! Love, " on white paper, with SSC clip art underneath I left plenty of room for our daughter to sign her own name, then I'll scallop the edges with edging scissors and include them in the bags these goodie bags will be in a basket near the front door and our daughter will hand them to each child as they are leaving I will hand small favours to the moms, as well (clear cellophane bag filled with strawberry tea and a strawberry candle, tied with same ribbon).    

Our daughter is so excited! We are all looking forward to this very special event!!

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