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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake Luau -7yr- Beach Party




Cydney in Carrollton, Kentucky USA


October 2005


Special Mention

Strawberry Shortcake Luau!  My daughter wanted to do Strawberry Shortcake party but we had been to so many that I first tried to talk her out of it but she insisted.  So I tried to put a twist on the regular parties we had been to.  I decided to base her party on the new movie that was out "Beach Party".  So a luau theme insued. 

I made her invitations.  I bought lime green card stock and stamped in dark green on them palm trees and hibiscous flowers.  I then cut out red square and glued to front, then cut out a smaller pink square and glued to front.  I took raffia and glued little pieces to front pink square which made tiny little hula skirts and then took tiny red and pink flowers and glued to top of raffia.  They turned out adorable! 

On the inside I used a computer and printed out Kendall is inviting you to a Berry Special Strawberry Shortcake Luau then the detail of when, where, and time.  At the bottom I typed. Please RSVP and say you'll come Hula with me! I also lightly sprayed them with some flower sent body spray I had.  Smells like Hawaii! 

When guests arrive Strawberry Shortcake CD is playing. I bought at dollar store ( 3 for .50C ) red, pink, and white leis for all the children attending. They were given these around their necks as soon as they come in the door. At oriental trading I bought the hula skirt craft kits for the children to make when they first arrive.  After that were going to play pin the coconut on the coconut tree.  I made this myself out of craft paper.  The tree is about four foot tall - where the coconut will go isn't quite that high so kids can reach but the scale is really neet.  We got a strawberry pinata to do next.  Then we are going to cake and ice cream and then open gifts. 

The cake is a girl dress kit.  Where her skirt is the cake,  I am making hers a Hula skirt!  Just taking icing and making lines going downwards for the grass and then putting fake flowers around waiste with some little fake strawberries mixed in with flowers.  I will remove before eating! LOL.  I also got plastic coconut shaped drink cups from oriental trading and I just got lime green plates, and bright pink napkin and table cloth - have a rafia table skirt to go around head table and gift table. ( all the strawberry shortcake plates I could find had clothes on - didn't go with my theme of luau so I just went with themed colors instead )

Then Kendall wants to Hula and on her CD there is a song about Strawberry Shortcake Twist.  We are going to follow the words to that as far as hands up in the air and turning around and we'll just throw some hula arm waves into it. 

Then our last game right before kids leave we are going to play pass the coconut.  I bought a real coconut for this.  On her CD as well is a song about a Berry Happy Birthday.  We're playing that music as they pass the coconut, when the music stops the child holding the coconut then receives their treat bag from Kendall, as she gives each winner a hug and tell them thank you for coming to her party. 

Then with my sisters help she is going to wisk them to the wall where the plam tree decoration is at and take Kendall and the childs pictures one by one as they win so we can send each child a picture in their thank you cards. We keep playing the music and having a winner until all children have received their bags. 

Her treat bags I got at Big Lots for .99C they are pink with white polka dots on them.  Inside I put Pink Strawberry shaped sunglasses, strawberry shortcake pens, then at the dollar store I bought for a $1 the tablets that you put in warm water and watch them turn into shapes.  These are sea creature shapes.  I then bought at Walmart in scrapbooking section little 2 x 3 paperbags with tags inside.  On the tags I just wrote the directions for tablet and used two sided tape to attach one tablet. I slid the tag back into paper bags. I stamped on the miniature paper bag green palm trees. 

Then the last item in my bag was strawberry cream chewy candy which I got at the dollar store.  I put them in small snack size ziplocks from Walmart, I put a hole punch in center of each at top and tied raffia through the hole.  Illusion that the bow is holding it together.  I tied the treat bag together with raffia and attached some silk flowers into the raffia.   

I really think her party sounds like a blast!  We actually haven't had it yet  I planned a little early because I am a working mom and I like to hand craft a lot of items so I gave myself plenty of time to make things so I can enjoy doing it and not be so rushed.  Her party is going to be the begginning of December when she turns 7!!!!   She is so excited we can't wait!!!!!   Hope this sparks some ideas for your own Strawberry Shortcake Luau!

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