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Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberry Shortcake -4yr- Strawberry Spoon Race




Jennifer in Shawnee, KS  United States


August 2007


Special Mention

For my daughter's 4th birthday, she wanted a Strawberry Shortcake Party. 

I made the invitations on the computer with white card stock.  It included all of the information and some clip art pictures of SSC that I found online. We rented a Strawberry Shortcake bounce house for the party.  We decorated the inside of the house with red, pink and lime green balloons.  We also had a big SSC balloon, and other smaller SSC balloons.  There were also a lot of them outside in Strawberryland.  The table with the food and cake was decorated with a SSC tablecloth, and SSC decorations.  I used any SSC items that my daughter had as decorations.  We had several kid sized tables outside in the back for the kids to eat on.  Each place had its on SSC place settings with activites for the kids to do if they choose.  I found these at a party store. I purchased red, lime green and pink table clothes for the adult tables.  I also had red, lime green and pink plates for the food, silverware and napkins.  I used smaller SSC plates and napkins for the cake.   

My daughter had a cute Strawberry Shortcake outfit on with a Strawberry Shortcake hat that I purchased at the party store.  Her little sister had a SSC outfit on as well.  We thought about dressing her up as Apple Dumplin' which would have been cute, but we couldn't find anything that was cheap.  The party started at 11:30 a.m.  We had the Strawberry Shortcake music playing while the kids arrived.  I put it on my IPOD and placed the ipod into a portable speaker system.  It was really nice to carry around wherever the kids went in the house so the music was always playing.  I also had some strawberry scented candles burning to get everyone in the spirit.  When the kids arrived, they each received a nametag that I made on the computer with address labels.  The girls had a clip art picture of Strawberry Shortcake next to their name, and the boys had Huckleberry Pie. 

We had about 20 kids at the party.  They were then directed to the craft table where the kids were to make their own berry baskets.  I was able to find the green baskets that cherry tomatoes come in at a grocery store, and they were wonderful and gave me 25 of them.  I searched everywhere for these baskets as they are hard to find.  Another idea is to purchase at the dollar store the plastic Easter baskets that come in a set of 3 or 4 for $1.  You just have to find them at the right time.  I was a little too late so that is why I hunted for the green ones.  They were free too which is a bonus!  I purchased cute napkins that looked just like Strawberry Shortcake's ribbon at Bed Bath and Beyond.  The kids needed to fold these rather large napkins and place them inside their baskets.  I had red and pink pipe cleaners available for them to tie on each end of the basket for their handle.  I also had foam stickers for the kids to decorate their baskets.  I had the foam sticker letters for the kids to put their names or initials on them so we knew whose was whose.  I also had cute little bugs and other decorations for them to chose from.  This was a great activity for the kids to do as we waited for all of the guests to arrive.   

When the kids got done with the baskets, I gave each of them their own coloring book that I created myself.  I just purchased a jumbo coloring book from the store and ripped pages out of them.  I then created a cover sheet for each one saying Tyler's Strawberry Shortcake Coloring Book" etc. with SSC clip art pictures.  I tried to put Huckleberry pie pictures in the boys' books to color and SSC and her other friends in the girls' books.  I stapled the cover sheet to about 6 coloring pages which made a nice size coloring book.  I had crayons available at the table where other kids were still working on their baskets so the kids who were done could color.  This definitely gave the kids something to do for sure while we waited for everyone to get done with their baskets. 

Once everyone was done with their baskets I read the book Meet Strawberry Shortcake.  This gave the kids who really didn't know Strawberry Shortcake an idea as to who she is and who her friends are.  I then explained to the kids why they made strawberry baskets.  I told them that Strawberry Shortcake really needs their help!  Before they go outside to play in Strawberry Land they need to do some work and help Strawberry Shortcake out.  I told them that they have to pick all of the strawberries in the strawberry patch before they can play.  They needed to put all the strawberries that they found in their strawberry baskets.  I directed the kids outside in the backyard to Strawberry Land.  All over the yard I had placed the strawberry wrapped candies that I purchased at the dollar store.  There were plenty for everyone to get a full basket.  The kids had a blast finding all of the strawberries.  It was like an Easter egg hunt.   

Once all the strawberries were found they were able to play.  We had the Strawberry Shortcake bounce house set up which was a hit.  We had our nice size swingset more plastic slides etc. etc.  There was something for everyone.  SSC music was playing outside while the kids played.  The kids played for awhile before lunch.   For lunch we went the easy route pizza.  We also had strawberries for SSC orange slices for Orange Blossom and Apples for Apple Dumplin'.  I put place cards next to each item with the character's picture on it.  The fruit was placed in plastic pink red and lime green party platters that I was able to find since it was summertime.  There were Boppin' Strawberry juice boxes for the kids.  We had pop water beer and Strawberry Daiquiris for the adults. 

After lunch it was more playtime and game time.  One game was pass the rotten orange.  The kids sat in a circle and passed an orange.  I played SSC music and when the music stopped whoever had the orange got to leave the circle and receive a prize.  For the prize my daughter and I made orange homemade playdough.  We rolled the playdough into good sized balls and placed them into a ziploc bag.  We then put labels on each bag that read "Great job!  Have fun playing with some homemade playdough from me Orange Blossom!"  It also had a picture of Orange Blossom on the label.  The labels were again made on the computer with address labels.   

The next game was a Strawberry Spoon Race.  The kids liked this game.  They had to walk or run with a strawberry on a silver spoon.  For their prize they each received Strawberry fruit snacks that you can get at Target.  If we would have had time we would have played Strawberry Strawberry Shortcake which is the version to Duck Duck Goose.  The kids were very content playing on the equipment outside especially the bounce house. 

We called the kids in for cake and presents next.  My very talented Step-Mother-in-Law made a SSC cake with a cake pan that I purchased.  The cake pan was of SSC.  She placed this cake on top of another sheet cake to make it bigger.  The sheet cake was a Strawberry Patch with the SSC cake on top.  It was very cute.  We sang and had cake with Strawberry Swirl ice cream.  It was delicious!  We had the song "A Berry Happy Birthday" playing while we had cake and ice cream. 

After cake and ice cream we opened presents.  After presents I had my daughter pose for a picture with every child before they left.  It was going to be part of their thank you note.  I had the goodie bags in a child size red wheelbarrow.  My daughter passed out goodie bags to the kids as they left and thanked them.  In the girls' bags they each got a SSC stamp that I found online a SSC mini puzzle a SSC big sticker SSC tatoos SSC pencils strawberry fruit snacks and a SSC bandaid.  In the boys' bags they received sports tatoos dinosaur pencils strawberry fruit snacks and a mini puzzle.  They also received a separate treat a Strawberry Shortcake roll.  I purchased the Little Debbie rolls at the store and made labels again on the computer that read "Thanks for making my birthday berry special!" with my daughter's name on it and date. 

The kids all left with their berry basket full of strawberry candies a SSC coloring book orange homemade playdough strawberry fruit snacks a goody bag a Strawberry Shortcake roll and a big smile on their face.  The weather was perfect for this party!  Everyone had a great time especially my daughter.  She wants to have a SSC party again next year!  I had a lot of fun planning it.  I received a lot of different ideas from this site and used them along with my own ideas to create this unique party for my daughter.  "

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