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Spy Party

Spy Party -10yr- Who Am I Game




Diane in Helena, MT USA


August 2003


Special Mention

Spy party   When we got done with the 10bd every one wanted to know what we would be doing for the next party and I would say "Top Secret" or it is a "surprise".  

Invites:  I cut manilla folders and kept 6 inches in size.  Fit the invite information sheet in.  Went to Office Max and asked them to reverse my oringal and the gal said I couldn't.  She said I had to do it on my computer - well that option will not show up.  So I got to thinking and called and they told me she was new and they could do it.  

Then I put the Agents: name on the top (where you put your files name)folder.  Top Secret across stamped a the top and Confidental stamped running down the side.  One of the questions would be to see if they really even looked at their invites of which they would have to read in the mirror as it was printed up backwards was where was a detective on each side as I used a Print Shop program that had clip art.  I had two sets on one page and the dectective would either be on the right side or left depending on what 1/2 of the page they received their invite on. 

The invite said Your Mission should you dare is to accept is to attend Trevor's Spy party.  Sneak over to address, and then the rest of the party info.  I put the road rally in a different eveloped seals and rules read don't open until birthday party date, that they needed their camcorder and no cheating.Everyone had so much fun and you know those over achievers always try for more than is required.    Then I had gotten Gangster hats in florscent colors from Oriental Trading.    

Games: One of the games we played was Who am I? - Make a card up for each child describing a mystery person. (Use themes such as movie stars, sports stars, music groups)    Attach the cards to each child's back with tape.  Each child can then take turns asking the others questions regarding the item found on the card on their back.  Questions can only have yes or no answers.  The first child to guess their item, wins.   (Questions should be like:  "Am I a man?"  "Am I a basketball player") unitl they finally figure out who they are. 

From there while they were doing that I did an out line of each kid and they had to guess who it was until they found someone who they couldn't - I mean all wearing the hat and trench coat made it really hard.  But in the end they couldn't figure out one person and that person had to wear hand cuffs the rest of the party.  

We did the Morse code and I spelled out TJ's Spy Party on the side of the paper and to see if they caught that one (inclued it in the invite) I asked them the question when arrived to write down what it said.  I found the kids like version Morse Code at enchantedlearning.com  Some caught the clue some didn't even notice it.   I put the plates upside down and messed up the table and they had to find all the wrong things or clues!   In the beginning we outlined everyones shoe and then put a number and they had to guess who's shoe was who's with only 3 minutes to figure it out.  This was so much fun.  Wild and crazy.  

We also did the game where you make a sentence and they fill in the blanks with person/place or thing.  Well they had a blast with that one.   I though about a scavengerhunt but by now we had enough things to do - so next years party 

However to make it fun since our family now lived 90 miles from us we did a Road Rally like Scavenger list.  I thought should be fun along the way and that it being a Spy party would give them something to do and for the adults to also have fun.  I got this from a friend: Road Rally  

Rules:  1.You must have fun while driving safely.

2.All team members with the exception of the camera person must be videotaped with the item in question.  There should be no question as to authenticity.

3.You team must locate a minimum of 3 items from each of the three categories:  People, Places, and Things.  A maximum of 12 items can be submitted on your video.

4.Give boundaries here.

5.First team to return to the starting point earns an extra 20 points.  Remember the team with the most points wins!

6.The Road Rally begins at 10:30 and ends at noon.  This way I could get to the house to have lunch all at the same time.  Teams returning later than noon will be penalized 5 points for every 5 minutes they are late.  Remember rule #1!

7.Judging will be done when all teams have returned to the starting point.  Judging will be conducted by the games night chairpeople.  Unruly participants will be disqualified.  The judges’ rulings stand.  PEOPLE Person whose birthday is today.  Must show proof.

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