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Spy Party

Top Secret Party - Agent Delivered Invite




Shelley in Coolidge, Arizona USA


April 2011


Honorable Mention

I just put on a grandma camp with a Top Secret theme but all of my ideas could certainly be used for a birthday party. 

Invitations: Printed out with a Top Secret graphic stamped on them. You have been identified by our sources as a top recruit for our special agent training camp." The invite included secret code words that had to be given for entrance to the party.  The invites were tucked into a manila envelope with their agent number and a top secret stamp on the outside. 

Delivery: We hand delivered our invites. My husband dressed in a black suit black fedora hat dark glasses and a secret agent badge.  

Arrival: My husband was dressed as a special agent for the party. We had created a check in point in our entry way. Check in required: Documents (invite pack)  had to be shown for authorized entrance to the party and the secret code words had to be given. A security scan was done using an homemade scanner made of a head flashlight and a smoke alarm taped to it with electrical tape. The smoke alarm button was pushed by the scanner on certain children and they were asked to stand aside for a later scan. 

The agents were then sent to the ID lab where height weight hair color eye color were taken along with notes on any scars birthmarks and tattoos.  Once they all cleared check in: They had individual background checks fingerprinting and they each made their own top secret file in the Top Secret File Room. 

Dinner: Top Secret Pockets that were made by the children. They rolled out the dough and added their "top secret" pizza toppings then sealed their pocket shut for baking.  Each child was issued a black t shirt as a secret agent uniform.  Each child was issued a spy gear box. I made these using a plastic pencil box and computer graphics to decorate the top. Inside was white chalk gloves plastic hair cap tweezers evidence container q-tips magnifying glass party favor camera larger plastic clip pad of paper and a pencil. 

Each activity was treated as a mission. The mission orders arrived in a top secret canister when it was time. I had made a poster with a file marked "Mission Complete". When the mission was completed the children took turns adding the completed mission paperwork to the folder. 

Other activities included: Creating an alias on a form I had created and an arts and crafts project to create an undercover look. We made Agent  ID badges on lanyards we made edible bombs with hidden clues inside we made bombs using cans papers string for fuses and electrical tape. The recruits skills were tested with water balloon bomb challenges target practice using water guns and a land and air mission using paper airplanes and a remote control car course. 

We made passport books secret agent badge pocket books the bombs we made were used for a bomb search game we played a game of "hostage" (kind of like freeze tag but while trying to free the hostages) using 6-8" plastic men from the dollar store. Invisible ink project using lemon juice undercover messages using scratch off techniques photo shoot wearing the fedora hat and dark glasses awards ceremony.  It was a sleepover so at bedtime we set up an outdoor stakeout camp.

Once we got settled in another mission arrived. A fugitive had been spotted in our area. Clues were given so that we knew what to listen watch and to look for. Just as I finished reading the mission details the bad guy was outside our tent talking to himself. He was giving us all kinds of verbal clues. The kids set silent.  (He was a bandit of goodies and sweets around the world so not a scary guy.)

When he had wandered off we went out to look for clues. We found lots of candy goodie wrappers and chocolate footprints in the driveway. We knew he had rotten teeth because all he ate was sweets and he never brushed his teeth. The kids had been told that Papa was in the house. When he came outside the kids were telling him all about what had happened.

When Papa smiled at them He had a full mouth of rotten teeth and his pockets were full of sweet treat wrappers.  Other ideas: tracing each others bodies solve coded messages collecting evidence relay find the bad guy (hide and seek) dress up/disguise.  Party favors: small flashlights black baskets used to  hold their projects black t-shirts top secret file folders handmade bombs alias name plate passport id badge and lanyard and a spy gear box.

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