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Treasure Hunt Party -10yr- Spyology




Sherry in Penfield NY USA


February 2009


Honorable Mention

OK.. for my daughter's 10th birthday we decided to do a treasure hunt. 

We invited 4 girls who we knew would have the attention span/maturity/interest to want to do this as it was very involved and time consuming.  It took them about 2 hrs. to solve, but they had a great time and I received many compliments from the girls and their parents. 

Invitation:  We did these on the computer.  The front said, Come Solve a Mystery" and on the inside we explained how Ms. Rioldy (Rich-Old-Lady) had some of her jewels stolen and R wanted her friends to come help find them for her birthday party celebration.  When the girls arrived I handed them a small tool box filled with items some rules and the first clue.  The items were: 5 pencils a highlighter magnifying glass invisible ink pen (with special light to read the ink attached.. Came from "Spy Gear" toys) scissors and a flashlight.  I also told them they were allowed to use the computer and my daughter's "Spyology" book The rules said where there were not clues (bathroom laundry and unfinished) and a few other things like work together and take snack breaks.  :)  I put a smiley face sticker in every area that there was a clue so they would not tear apart a closet or something looking for a clue if there was not one there.  (The smiles were kind of hidden too so they did not see them around the house.) 

Then they got the first clue.  1.  It was dated 100yrs ago and was from Ms. Rioldi.  It explained how she thought her Butler was stealing her jewels.  She was dying and hid the rest so he would not find them.  I had aged and burned the edges of the paper.  At the end it said "Oh yes the first clue is in this letter."  I had added extra letters to many of the words in the letter.  When they took the extra letters it spelled "start downstairs".  Where we have a large playroom. 

2.  They opened the downstairs door and my son and I had twisted a full ball of yarn all over the room.  They had to figure out where the end was to find the next clue.  It said "The fat black cat sat" in size 2 font so they had to use the mag glass.  This led to our cat's bed. 

3.  On the bottom of the bed I taped photos of things that are in the fridge.  But I took the photos very close up so it was hard to tell what they were.  In the fridge they found a word search 

4.  After they solved the word search they had to take the extra letters and read the next clue.  It said "doll closet". 

5.  In the doll closet was a box of 120 plastic easter eggs.  Inside each one was the word "Sorry!"  Of course the girls thought that meant there was no clue in that egg.. When they got to the end of them all they realized that was the clue.. In the Sorry game.  :) 

6.  In the Sorry game they found a list of questions:  Who invented the clue game?  What is it called in England? Etc.  I had lines to show them how many letters were in each answer and circled the letters that they needed to use to figure out the next clue.  They answered all the questions using the computer and unscrambled "ball pit" 

7.  On the bottom of the ball pit was a sticker that said "Guest room" in morse code that they had to figure out.  (Was in Spyology book but could find online)  8.  On the guest room floor I had scattered about 50 balloons.  4 had clues in them that said "Go read "Goodnight Moon" 

9.  In the "Goodnight Moon" book they found a clue that said "I have no hands so I can't do art".  This led them to a broken grandfather clock by our art supplies 

10.  In the clock was a 100pc puzzle.  They had to assemble it and the next clue was on the back.  It was in a # code (a=1 etc.)  They figured that out quickly.  It said "Look under brother's bed" 

11.  Under his bed we put a small tape recorder.  We had tape recorded the microwave beeping. 

12.  In the microwave was a rhyme written in invisible ink that led them to a small playhouse that we have inside.   

13.  In the playhouse was an elaborate code from the Spyology book.  When they solved it the answer was "look up".  So they went back to where they found the last clue and looked for a smile sticker on the ceiling.  I had hidden the treasure behind a dropped ceiling tile in a brown paper bag tied with string.  (We have a small loft there so it was easy to get to.) 

For the treasure I purchased 6 oysters with pearls in them from ebay with basket pendants to put them in and silver necklaces (about $6 each). It took a bit to pry the oysters open but it was really cool and the girls were so excited.    We made the "Treasure Chest" cake from familyfun.com which was very simple and looked great. 

We served veggies chili dip grapes and Chex mix for snacks.  With oyster opening cake time and presents the party was just about 3hrs.   Except for the necklaces I didn't spend any money and used things we already had around the house. Writing it all down it sounds very difficult but I really didn't spend that much time and the result was worth it.  Have fun!"

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