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Spy Party

Spy Girls Party -7yr- Scavenger Hunt




Ruth in Middleton WI USA


December 2006


Special Mention

Spy Girls Party - 7 year old  My daughter wanted a Spy Girls party for her 7th birthday in December.  I took a lot of ideas from this website and rolled them into one. 

INVITATIONS:  I took a closeup photo of my daughter's eyes looking off to the side and put a heading "Agent HB Needs Your Help"  Inside it said "Please join Spy Girl Heidi as she solves a seven year old birthday party mystery"  When:  Where ___ Spy Academy.  All Agents (or their moms/dads) are asked to RSVP by calling _____. 

Each child received a fedora when they arrived and began drawing with markerscrayons on a blank jigsaw puzzle. (I found them for .69 cents at an educational store.)   They could do anything they wanted, but they had to incorporate their name.  Each girl then broke the jigsaw puzzle apart and worked to put it back together. 

We then played Telephone while some kids were finishing up. 

The second game was singing the song "My Bonny Lies Over the Ocean" and standing up or sitting down every time you sang a word beginning with "B ".  We then broke into to two teams and held a scavenger hunt.  I used the clues from another scavenger hunt party on this site, but altered them a bit since ours was completely indoors. 

I had two friends who agreed to work with each team and gave them each a digital camera. I gave each girl a little notebook and a mechanical pencil so they could write down points.  I worked it so one team started with clues upstairs and one team started downstairs in the playroom.  However, at one point the upstairs crew finished before the downstairs crew and they ended up on the same clue!  If I were to do it over, I think I would have added more clues.  

CLUE: I'm usually found near some toys.  Everyone loves to bounce me -- both girls and boys. Look for me in something you would use to go on vacation (small balls in a child's suitcase)  
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Have your leader take a photo of everyone throwing the balls up in the air.  Your Team gets 1 point for every ball that is in the picture AND all team members in the picture. Hint: Don't throw balls too high . (Only get 2 tries to get a good picture.)    

CLUE: I pledge allegiance to the _______ and to the United States of America.   
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: : Take a picture of team members saying pledge of allegiance= 2 points      

CLUE: "There was an old woman who lived in a ______. She also lived in a box and didn't know what to do."  (Box of daughter's old shoes) 
YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Take a picture of team members feet with some of Heidi's old shoes= 4 points  

CLUE: Tick tock says the __________________.   
YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Picture of team standing next to a clock that has a 6 o'clock showing in the time. = 4 points    

CLUE: I have keys but I can't unlock a door I have notes but I'm not a notebook.  Making great music is what I am for,  And when people hear me they're sure to look. What am I?  
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Picture of team next to piano=2 points Picture of team next to piano while a team member plays a real song=5 points    

CLUE: One, two, buckle my shoe Three, four, shut the __________. I am the color white.  
YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Team picture taken in front of a white door = 2 points  

CLUE: This is where Heidi lays her head, you'll find your next clue on her___.    
YOUR ASSIGNMENT:  Take a goofy photo of the team on Heidi's Bed = 4 points   

CLUE:  Sometimes people sing about me beginning with the word "Oh"    (Clues on Christmas tree branches)  
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Sometimes spies need to be able to tell a lie.  Look for the adult whose name rhymes with tooth.  When you find her, she will ask you each a question.  You must give her the wrong answer -- without laughing or smiling.  2 points for each "incorrect" answer. Questions included What day comes after Friday? How many hands do you have?  How old are you? What is your name? What city do you live in? Are you bald? What letter comes after Y?  What is 2+2? What color is the sky? The girls \*loved\* answering questions and wanted to do a few each.    

After the scavenger hunt, we had cake and ice cream and juice boxes and then opened gifts.  Our last event of the 2 hour party was watching the photos on TV.    We gave little gifts from a craft store (a little calendar and some Hello Kitty stationary -- and they took home their hats, notebook/pencil and jigsaw puzzles.  It was obvious that all the kids had a great time and I have to say the time flew by!

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