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Sports Party

Sports Party -7yr- Red, White & Blue Pennants




beth in denver, colorado


June 2003



Sports party- 7 year old For my son's 7th birthday he wanted a sports party.   

Invitations--we printed on our computer "tickets" to the sporting event.  They looked like professional sporting tickets including the "rain or shine" language.   

Decorations---We went to a nearby park where we had set up several different stations for the children to rotate through.  Prior to the kids getting there we hung red, white and blue baseball pennants, red, white, and blue balloons, and had baseball and bandstand type tunes playing. The grown up and teenage helpers all wore referee shirts. 

Activities-- Soccer--The children dribbled through cones and than shot at a goal we had set up.  We had each of them go through twice trying to beat their own time. So that the competition was against themselves and not each other. We encouraged the other children to cheer by telling them what the child's first time was that he needed to beat. 

We had golf (with whiffle balls).  Each child had three chances and we marked his longest drive with a power line flag.    We hung hula hoops for football toss with nerf footballs.    We purchased the inflatable catcher from oriental trading and had them pitch baseballs into it. We also had a baseball pinata.  The kids used a real bat as the striker.   

Then for the big finale, we split the kids into two teams.  We had them conference on a team name.  They were very creative!  We bought inflateable oversized hockey sticks from oriental trading and the two teams had a game of hockey.  The kids had a blast! 

Food- Up at the park we had sports bottles of water and gatorade. Peanuts and popcorn in red and white ballpark type bags were also available.  We came back to house for the football cake and ice cream in plastic baseball cap hats.  

Favors- At the end, we gave each child a "good sport" medal which we made, plastic sport sipper cups from Oriental trading, referee whistles on a string, a box of cracker jacks, baseball card bubble gum, pinata candy, and their inflateable hockey sticks.

The kids had a great time.

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