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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob 6-12yr - Pin Nose on Squidward




Kris in Iowa,USA


August 2004


Special Mention

Spongebob/Sleepover Party 6-12 years old: My daughter's party was a huge success at a very low price.     

INVITATIONS: We made small SBs sleeping on a cloud (my 12 year old daughter is a very talented artist, so she drew SB) out of cardstock. On the outside it said: "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? Spongebob Squarepants"...etc.  Inside it said- where:(include the address) who:(birthday person's name here) We sent them out 2 weeks prior to the party.     

DECOR: We decied to have a "Bikini Bottom Paradise" outside. We found 2 very inexpensive blow-up palm trees and put those on our deck. We bought a fishing net from hobby lobby and threw that over a chest that we had in our living room. The chest was planced in a shallow box we filled with playsand. Buried in the sand were fake fish with numbers on the backs which I will explain later. Inside the chest were the goody pails. We had them do a tresure hunt to find their goody pails. In the corners of our huge deck we had tiki torches lit up to keep the bugs away and set the mood. On the railings, I put "waves" with shiny blue streamers and stuck foam fish among it. In the waves were perlized ballons at different sizes to make bubbles.

Over the door there was a sign that read "Bikini Bottom". Coming in we had pink helium filled ballons with red spots on top and red ribbon hanging from the bottom to make jellyfish. In the "Krusty Krab" (had a sign reading krusty krab above the bar we have outside), my husband made two short tables, about a foot off the ground, out of wood and covered them with blue table cloths.

Then we put fishing nets over the table cloths and poured some sand and seashells over both tables. As chairs we had 5 beach chairs around each table. The cups were light blue, the napkins green, and plates yellow. Inside we hung a fishing net in the corner and placed stuffed SB, Patrick, Seahorses, and Sea turtles in it. Around the room, I made waves with the left over streamers and put clear balloons in among the waves.Green crepe paper was hanging from the ceilings as seaweed. Green, blue, yellow, and pink helium balloons were in each corner. Hung up metallic palm trees also.

On one wall I covered it with clear-blue wrapping paper and used blue crepe paper to make waves. In the photo-op area,I pinned blue table cloths over the white wall. We hung up Spongebob and patrick, which we made out of cardboard and paper. On the ground was a surf board (ironing board decorated with paper) so it looked like SB and Pat were surfing. Each girl got their picture taken with SB and Pat.     

GAMES: As they arrived, Abby (my daughter) gave each guest their own lei and put a piece of paper on their backs with a well known cartoon character (the game is called Who Am I?). When everyone was there they had to guess who was on their backs by asking yes or no questions to the other guests. The person who got it right first got a prize. Jellyfishing- Get into teams of two. Give every one a large pool net and them stand several feet away from each. The first person throws the balloons at the other person, they have to get as many as they can in 30 seconds. Which ever team wins gets a prize.

Tresure hunt- Write clues and have the kids search for their goody pails ( remember, they're in the chest) the prize is the goody pails. Pin the Nose on Sqidward- Get a poster of Sqidward and cut out the nose. Trace the nose on cardstock and write their names on the noses. Have them as close to the nose as they can. Whoever gets closest wins a prize.

Sponge Craft- Buy small sponges, pipe cleaners, wiggley eyes, felt, and any other material you may think of. Have them make their own sponge dude. Some interesting sponges I saw were alien sponge, army sponge, and tree sponde.

Fish for fish- Now to explain the fish in the sand game. With the fish with the numbers 1,2,and 3 you put in the sand box,have them fish for them and what ever # they get, they get a prize from that bag.

Bikini Bottom Limbo Contest- Have a limbo contest with Jamacian/Hawaiian music.

Mr. Krabs Don't Waste a Drop Relay Race- Get 4 buckets, 2 sponges. Divide them up into two teams. Have 2 buckets several feet away from each other. Fill the bucket closest to the people with water. Put sponges in it. They have to wet the sponge, place it on their stomachs and crab walk to the other butcket. Sqeeze it out and run back, hand it to next player and so on. Go until every one has gone and the team with the most water in the buket furthest away wins.     

GOODY PAILS: We bought small sand pails and filled them with-Sb tatoos, SB pencils, SB pencil huggers, SB erasers,SB cheez-its, Bag of "sail mix" (Chex mix and Trail Mix), baby food jar of "Jellyfish Jelly" (strawberry jelly), bouncy balls, SB bubbles, SB stickers, 5 pack of gum, and mini-noisemakers.    

FOOD:at the "krusty Krab" we served krabby patties, cod dogs (hot dogs), fried worms (french fries), Dr. Kelp (lime punch), and fruit smoothies.     Hope you have a great party!

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