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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party 8yr - Spongebob Photos




Victoria in Carmichael California USA


Oct 2003


Special Mention

SpongeBob party for my 8 year old daughter.  First I let my daughter pick 10 friends she would like to invite. 

We purchased Spongebob invitations at Target.  We sent them out about 2 weeks ahead of the party. 

The day before the party I decorated the whole garage and turned it into "Bikini Bottom".  I covered all the walls with blue table cloths and a tarp.  I purchased a roll of vinyl table cloth at Party American and also used a very large blue tarp.  The roll of table cloth covered two-thirds of the walls in the garage and the tarp covered the rest.  I stapled them from ceiling to the floor to cover the entire wall. 

Next I blew up clear balloons (bubbles) and taped them randomly over the blue walls.  I stapled crepe paper in turquoise and blue across the ceiling to look like water or waves in the ocean. I curled green ribbon and tied balloons (bubbles) to them and hung them randomly from the ceiling.  I also taped green ribbon down the blue tarps/tablecloths to look like "seaweed".  I taped colorful one-sided plastic fish on the water-walls also (purchased from Oriental Trading company (OTC)).  I hung fish nets with sea creatures hanging from them (crabs, lobsters, starfish, seahorses also purchased from OTC). I had three tables set up in the garage for the kids to sit at and one for food. 

I covered the tables with turquoise tablecloths, and the food table had a spongebob table cloth.  My girls scatter colored sea shells and sand dollars on the tables for decoration.  I hung a spongebob poster purchased at Target on one of the walls also.  I had metallic palm trees in a few places and my 11 year old made a "welcom to bikini bottom" sign out of cardbord and drew jellyfish and starfish, etc. on it.  I had a "photo-op" set up with a flat-top wicker trunk with a net thrown over it and sea critters hanging from the net.  I had a stuffed sponge bob sitting in a childs beach chair with a blow-up ukelele in his arms.  Each child was given a lei greeting when they arrived and then we took their picture with a digital camera. 

After all pictures were taken we printed them and put them in pineapple frames we had made from brown craft foam cut free form in a pineapple shape.  We drew pineapple lines on them with a black marker, scattered and glued gold sequins randomly on them and used green pipecleaners for the pineapple leaves. With an oval shape cut out of the middle of the pineapple the pictures were placed in them and the girls all had a photo of themselves with Spongebob to take home. I had saved water bottles for a couple of weeks and took off the lables. 

The girls could make "oceans in a bottle" with sand, seashells, starfish etc. They filled the bottles with water and I added a drop of blue foodcoloring and a little baby oil and silicone to seal the lids.  The sand and seashells were purchased at the Dollar Tree store (very inexpensive craft!).  I also ordered treasure chests to decorate from OTC.  I spray painted them gold a few days before the party and the girls added gold ribbon and jewels, this kept them busy and quiet for a while.  I had ordered the candy tubes from this web-site and they were a big hit with the girls.  They all filled the tubes with the sand-like candy and had a blast! 

The games we played were:  the balloon rely where the girls were divided into two teams and each girl had a balloon.  The first girl had to run to the chair across the room, pop the balloon by sitting on it and run back to the next girl.  The girls loved this game.  We also played the game with the M&Ms.  They each had a small bag (Halloween size) of M&M's, a straw, a cup and a plate. On the word "go" they had to open the M&M's dump them on the plate and then suck each one up with the straw and drop it into the cup.  The first one done won a prize.  They loved this game also.  For prizes I had Spongebob pencils, candy, lib balm, and stickers. 

We also had a treasure hunt.  I ordered the treasure chest with the goodies from your party ideas website.  I order some extra things and my 8 year old made a bigger treasure chest out of a cardboard box by covering it with brown construction paper, and coloring on it.  With filled it with all kinds of goodies.  I announced to the girls that Spongebob had hidden a special treasure for them and I read the first clue.  I had ten clues in all (one for each girl) which led them up and down the street and finally ended up in the backyard to find the treasure chest....they loved it!!! 

For food I had cut pp&j sandwiches, tuna, and cheese with a star cookie cutter.  I called them pp & jellyfish, seacreature, and starfish cheese sandwiches.  I made individual jello in clear plastic cups. I used blue jello, put a gummy fish in each one and topped with coolwhip.  I told the girls it was ocean jello.  I had spongebob cheeze-its, goldfish crackers, pineapple chunks (of course!) and chips with dip and carrots with ranch dressing.

 I made a "Patrick" cake by taking two round layers and cutting and shaping into Patrick.  I used red foodcoloring for the frosting, green for his shorts, black to make eyebrows and a mouth and white with blue gumballs for his eyes, too cute!!  In the goody bags I had sea creature bubbles (OTC), gummy crabby pattys (Target), plastic blow-up ukeleles (OTC) and other candy.  I decorated yellow bags with the girls names on them and stick on jewels.  The girls were busy the whole 2 and 1/2 hours, I don't think they even went in the house to use the bathroom!!  My daughter loved it and hopefully will remember her SpongeBob party always!!!

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