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Spongebob Squarepants

Spongebob Party 2yr - Treasure Chest Favor




Danielle in Watertown, WI USA


August 2007


Honorable Mention

For my son's 2nd birthday party we decided to go with Spongebob and we held it at a local park we rented out for the day. 

For the decorations we bought a blow up Spongebob that stood 4 feet tall and had a sign that read Happy Birthday".  We bought the typical Songebob party decorations from a party store such as plates tablecloths cups and spongebob balloons. 

For the food we had crabby patties which were just regular hamburgers.  I bought pineapples 2 for each table and cut the centers out of the pineapple and filled each one with different types of fruit. This became the centerpiece for the tables.  Wal-Mart sold me part of a kit of the Spongebob sticks they use to poke into the top of cupcakes which I used to put into a few some of the fruit on the top of the pineapples to use as decoration and it also helped remove the fruit from the pineapple. 

We also had your typical chips and dip vegetable tray a Spongebob cake from a local bakery and ice cream.  In addition to the Spongebob cake I also made a sand cake shich was just like dirt cake but using a sand pale and filling with vanilla oreo's vanilla pudding and gummy fish instead of the chocolate and worms.  I used the shovel from the pale to serve it with. When the children first arrived each one got a "key" and was told to go find their "treasure chest". 

I had used shoe boxes and wrapped them in paper bags and decorated each one to look like a treasure chest.  I made the lock in the shape of the childs initial.  Inside I filled the shoe box with chocolate coins spongebob bubbles other small spongebob toys and some gummy crabby patties.  These were easy to find since Spongebob is very popular right now.  I made the "key" out of tagboard which I cut into the shape of the childs initial and colored it to match the color of the lock on their treasure box and cut a hole in the top to place ribbon through so they could wear it around their neck.  I did have one duplicate initial so to make it easier I used a star for one but you could just use a different color as well. 

Before the party began I hid each treasure box around the park and when the children arrived they were given their key and went off to find their treasure box.  This of course acted as their goody bag.  For the first game we played pin the squarepants on Spongebob.  I drew a large picture of spongebob on tagboard in his underwear and drew Sandy Patrick and Gary around him for decoration.  I took a couple more pieces of cardboard and cut out enough pants for each kid and when we started the game I placed tape on the back. 

After this we played sponge toss where I purchased sand buckets and large sponges like you would use to wash your car.  On each sponge I drew Spongebob and in half of the buckets I drew a picture of plankton at the top.  The children were split into teams of two.  One had a bucket filled with water and the sponge and the other teammate stood across with the empty bucket with plankton in it. 

When the whistle blew the person with the sponge had to soak the sponge and throw it to their teammate who then squeezed the water into their bucket.  Whoever soaked plankton and the "chum bucket" first won.  Each child got to keep the bucket they used and if they wanted the sponge as well. I handed out Spongebob prizes to the winners of each game as well. 

After the games my son opened his presents and had cake and ice cream.  It was a great party but I only wished I would have waited a year or two to do it.  My son was only turning two and didn't really have too much interest at that age in the games.  He would preffered to just run around and play.  The other kids loved it though."

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