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Splash Party

Splish Splash Party -4yr- Be Alergy Careful




Vanessa in Katy, TX USA


May 2005



Splish Splash for a 4 yrs old boy  My son loves pools, but since he is 4 we decided to do a splish splash party. 

First for the invitations all we could found were flip flops and very girly theme cards so we decided to do them.  We made a sun, a bottle of sunscreen and sunglasses and pasted them to the front of a sand colored invitation that we printed in the computer.  Inside we invited them to an afternoon of fun in the water.  We also asked to be informed for any allergies before hand because we were planning on serving nuts and other ingredients that might trigger allergies.  Also, we stressed the fact that we only cared about the kids having fun and that we did not needed any gifts.   

For the birthday party we set up of 3 inflatable play centers/pools and a sprinkler.  The pools had little slides, basketball games, fishing poles to catch some inflatable octopuses and sprinklers coming out of the walls of the pools.  They were actually pretty cheap at a local store and they were good quality.  We also set up a sprinkler with 5 poles that allowed water to come out.  And a pool with a palm sprinkler.  The kids loved the pools and the water.  They ran all over for 3 hours and finished exhausted.   

For snacks we had to be carefull.  My son is allergic to coloring and artificial flavorings so we had to get organic snacks at our local market.  The good thing is they taste so good the kids don't know the difference.  The kids had asparragus sandwiches(which believe it or not since they don't see the asparragus they eat them), pimento cheese sandwiches, assorted cheeses, organic cheetos, organic chips, quacks(organic version of goldfish), freshly squeeze lemonade and freshly made fruit punch.   

For the cake I could not use coloring, which presented a bigger challenge.  I made a very tall cake that would impress them.  I frosted it with delicious homemade buttercream frosting and the cut waffle cones and set them up as stepping stones on the top of the cake, leaving space in the center for a pool.  I found colored sugar that has been dyed with natural ingedients and set it up as a pool.  Inside and outside the pool I place some honey graham bears playing ball(whit dudm dum lollipops), some fruit leather(fruit by the foot organic version) as towels where the bears were tanning underneath beach umbrellas(beverage umbrellas available everywhere).  And then covered the sides of the cake with nuts.  It was absolutely an astonishing cake!! The kids loved it so much the asked for second rounds. 

We did not have snacks left and the best part is that since we did not use artificial ingredients the kids did not have adverse or hyperactive reactions.   

In the end they had 3 hours of fun which they have not stop talking about.

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