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Splash Party

Splish-Splash Blast -1yr- Rubber Ducky Cake




Cyndee in Fairport, NY  USA


April 2003


Honorable Mention

A splish-splash blast was had by all at my twin's first birthday party!  I made a 3D rubber ducky cake sitting in a bathtub full of bubbles (also cake).  I made mini bathtubs with real rubber duckies for the birthday babes! What a hit!!!  Time: 3 to 5 pm 

Food:  3D Rubber Ducky cake, mini 3D rubber ducky cake for birthday boys, orange sherbet duckies (in aluminum cupcake liners scoop regular size scoop of sherbet. Put a smaller scoop (cookie dough scoop) of sherbet on top.  Use mini chocolate chips for eyes and two slivers of almonds for the beak (A BIG HIT).  Vanilla ice cream bubbles (vanilla ice cream scooped into cupcake liners and sprinkles with clear sparkles).  Mini sandwich tray (cold cut sandwiches cut into triangles), fruit and veggie tray, a variety of chips and dips.  Blue kool-aid with rubber duckies floating in the bowl.  Spirits for the adults! 

GAMES: 1.  Toss the bubbles in the basket - small balloons tossed into a laundry basket Object; see how many bubbles you can get in the basket 

2.  Bounce your bubble - same small balloons, set your bubble (balloon) on a large beach towel and grab the side of the towel.  With everyone sitting around towel, grab a side and shake the towel.  Object; keep your bubble on the towel and shake all others off.

3.  Bubbles, bubbles EVERYWHERE!  I renamed this game!  Take a large utility tub and fill it with white packing peanuts (bubbles).  Place prizes in the tub.  Starting with the youngest child, each child searches for a prize in the tub.  Prizes included:  bathtub paint, bathtub crayons, play dough, bathtub foam, bubbles, books, fishy squirts, mini rubber duckies among other bathtub toys.   BEWARE-you will have packing peanuts EVERYWHERE!!  Have your camera ready!

4.  Catch the bubbles - new stackable bubbles.  Have the bigger kids or adults blow the bubbles.  See how many bubbles you can stack.  Adults have fun with this too!  BIRTHDAY TABLECLOTH TRADITION     Wash a white cotton tablecloth.  Iron and place on a table that your guests can walk around.  Each guest writes a birthday wish with a fabric pen directly on the tablecloth sometime during the party.  Because I have twins, I made a sign on the table and had each guest write separate messages on opposite sides of the tablecloth.  Before the party, I dipped their left hands in fabric paint and put their hand print on opposite corners on the hem of the tablecloth.  Each year I will continue this tradition.  When they marry…I will cut the tablecloth in half to make a birthday tablecloth for each of them to have.   

BIRTHDAY FAVORS   Children:  I found mini canvas tote bags.  I sponged a duck on the front with yellow fabric paint (blue dot for an eye).  I wrote their birthdate below the duck.  On the back of the tote I wrote this poem:   A year's gone by How time has flown We can't believe How name and name have grown  They're full of joys And so much fun OH MY GOODNESS! Our boys turned ONE!  Thank you for coming to our birthday party name and name  In the bag:  little rubber ducky, play dough, duck cookie cutter, bathtub crayon or paint with sponge, bubbles, and a magic towel  

Adults:  candle in votive wrapped in netting with the above poem tied around it 

Finally:  Decorations consisted mostly of helium filled balloons that each guest took home with them.   This makes for quick clean up.  A special thank you to Birthday Express for their Rubber Ducky theme material (Only one problem with one of the mylar balloons - the seam was broke)

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