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Spiderman Party

Spiderman Returns 4yr - Web Slinging Fun




Jamie in Morrison, Co  USA


July 2007



My son is a huge fan of Spiderman, so much so that this is the second Spiderman party in a row.  Therefore, I did the Spiderman Returns theme! 

I made the invitations out of black felt to look like a spider.  I cut them into the shape of a spider, bought black pipe cleaners to make the gets and google eyes to add some character.  I printed out the wording on paper and attahed it to the back of the spider.  I bent the legs a bit so the spider could sit on the countertop to remind everyone of the party.  The invitation read Last summers thriller is back!  Spiderman 4" (since my son is 4) and date info.

I used a 6 foot hangin spider from halloween as the "cover" to the entryway to the party the kids thought it was neat to walk under a huge spider.  I bought scenesetters on clearnace at a toy store of different superhero's and the kids shot them with silly string. 

We had originally planned on having a web slingin fight with Spiderman but realized not all the kids would appreciate being shot with silly string.  So we got huge pieces of cardboard from the Goodwill site and attached the scenesetters onto that and let them have at it. 

I had a huge black web attached to the shed outside with a 4 foot inflatable spider underneath.  I bought a few 5 foot inflatable spiderman dolls from ebay and had one attached ot the front of the house like he was climbing the house and holding a few balloons. 

We had a friends 12 year old brother dress up in a Spiderman costume that I found on ebay as well.  We didn’t want to frighten the kids with a big Spiderman character so we made a "treasure hunt" of sorts that led up to us finding Spidey.  We started by following several small plastic spiders to the first clue that told us where to find the second clue the second clue was sitting in the front yard of our neighbors house it was a small "spider nest" of spidey eggs (picked up spiderman easter eggs at easter time) filled with a little bit of candy for each kid.  That clue led us back to the house where I used sidewalk chalk to spell out SPIDERMAN and drew arrows back to the back yard where Spiderman was waiting with balloons for each child. 

The yard was also filled with some dollar store items like Spiderman beach balls spiderman frisbies spiderman boomerangs and a bubble machine.  The fence line was decorated with red and blue balloons and small spiderwebs in the corners of the yard on trees and on the deck.

We also made the birthday cake.  We used one rectangular cake pan an a smaller square pan and put the smaller cake ontop of the large one.  We decorated the cake with grey coloring to resemble a building.  Made brick lines on it.  I used black crushed oreo's on top to look like roof ashphalt.  We had bought small spiderman and doc oc figures and a spiderman airplane.  The characters sat on top of the cake. 

The centerpiece of gift table was a lego city scene with Spiderman building in it there was also Spiderman and some other figures.

Gift bags for the kids were red beach pails that I hand painted each childs name on and filled them with as much spiderman stuff as I could find-for the girls I put in some girly things ;) We had Spiderman magna doodles pens glow in the dark necklaces candy key chains towels (small ones you make larger when wet).  Non spiderman items were bubbles chalk and the girly items. 

All of these items were purchased at the dollar store or the dollar bin at Target-so very cheap to make all these. Everyone had a wonderful time.  We took pictures of each child with Spiderman and in the thank you cards we included that picture for them to keep."

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