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Space Astronaut Party

Astronaut Party -3yr- Mission Moonrock




Deb in Rangeley, Maine


June 2005


Honorable Mention

I just had an astronaut party for my 3 year old son that was tons of fun! 

I did the invitations on the computer stating "Astronauts in Training join us for the countdown to (son's name) birthday party 3, 2, 1..blast off" Inside said "Star Date:" "Earth Time" and Launch Pad-our house-planet Earth!" My daughter is 7 so I had her friends help as the "big kids". 

We decorated everything with navy, black, red and white, planets, astronaut pics and stars.  Lots of sparkly stars on tables inside and out. 

All the chip bowls were lined in silver paper. We started at noon with flying saucer pizzas.  I had a long preschool table set up with little chairs for the kids to eat at.  After it turned in to the craft table. 

I set up 4 stations for the children outside (decorated with the same colors and signs throughout in electronic font writing) with 2 big kids set up at each table.  Each of my helpers wore huge star-shaped sunglasses in metallic colors.  The little ones loved them. 

Since the kids were only 2 and 3 I had to be very simple.  I explained that they were going to be astronauts and would get a certificate and ribbon/medal at the end of their training program. I made certificates with all the kids names on them preprinted and signed by "Neil Armstrong", then showed them to get them excited. 

I took 3 kids at a time (birthday boy, of course 1st) through each of the stations while the others worked on projects at the long craft table.  The table had a basket with crayons, googly eyes, foam glue sticks, stack of foam and zip lock bags with precut shapes I cut to form rockets, aliens, planets, etc.  The kids just had to grab a bag and glue together their pieces.  Then they put a magnet on the backs to put on their refrigerator at home. 

The aliens all got named (their name spelled backwards).  While they did this the 3 I took started at "Station 1 - So you want to be an astronaut?"  At this station they received their name tag, got measured and told they were the perfect size to be an astronaut, and each given a balloon to blow up to test their lungs.  Once complete they were given a gold star on one corner of their name tag. 

The next station was "Station 2-Parachute safety".  This was quite the hit because they each just took a little plastic paratrooper (Kbtoys) with a parachute and threw them off our deck-it's quite high in the back.  Once the parachute went out and landed, they were given their next gold star. (they kept repeating this!) 

Next was "Station 3-Mission Moonrock"  We had many rocks from Arizona with neat crystals that we hid in a sandbox.  They were given a baggie with their name preprinted and told to find 3 moonrocks.  Another gold star. 

And lastly, "Station 4-Planets 101"  One of the helpers showed the kids pictures of the planets and had them repeat the names to her to get their 4th gold star. 

At the end, they received their certificates and medals and all the parents clapped.  My husband then launched a rocket I bought that was like watching the fireworks-we did that 5 times!  The parents all had as much fun as the children!

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