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Space Astronaut Party

Astronaut Party -6yr- Astronaut Training




Pam in Highlands Ranch, CO USA


Oct 2003


Special Mention

Astronaut/NASA Party  After visiting NASA in Orlando, my 5 1/2 yr old son begged me to use this as the theme.  There wasn't much available, but I most taken care of at:  NASA.Gov and US Toy. 

Invitations:  Computer printed information in 'landscape mode' (sideways paper).  Wording was such as "BLAST OFF!  Commander Timmy has a special mission and needs more astronauts…astronauts report for duty 1300 hours.. Launch pad address Mission Control phone to rsvp" After printing, folded in thirds like a letter.  Used a B&W kids coloring picture from the NASA website of the space shuttle.  Double sided taped it lengthwise to the left flap, so that would be vertically on the cover. 

The printed words were on the inside.  My boy stuck silver star stickers on invitation & envelope.  Mail in business envelope, addressed to 'Astronaut Joey Smith'.  Used flag stamps. Guests could color their rocket invitations.  

Decorations:  Hang cardboard silver, blue & black stars, crepe paper (all US Toy) & helium balloons.  Ordered a couple NASA patches and color enlarged them then, hung from thin string.  Used smaller emblems everywhere.  Also ordered astronaut & shuttle posters from NASA website to put up.   

Table:  Black & blue paperware, metallic star & planet confetti (US Toy).  Cake was sheet cake brownie with colored planets, stars, & plastic rocket stuck on. Grocery store could have put on an edible picture from a photo for $8 extra. Drink was blue fizzy soda.  

Party Sequence:  Chalk outline of rocket on driveway, "astronauts check in this way" with arrow.  Sign on door 'astronaut check in'.  In foyer, we had a small table draped w/a large flag-tablecloth, w/nametags -including name of mission (we had two teams), plus NASA 'little meatball' tshirt for every guest ($8 each from NASA store).  This was only real expense.  After donning their 'uniform shirt', learned how to salute, and repeat a silly astronaut pledge, then entered the launch site through lots of hanging crepe paper.  Kids watched the lift off part of Apollo (Tom Hanks) movie while waiting for other guests.  

Games:  Had them line up by team, then gave each team an envelope with their mission and have every salute as they accept it.  "Your mission is to go to the moon and bring back space treasures good luch astronauts". Team one went to the moon first.  Down in the darked basement, walking over half inflated air matresses in the dark hallway first, they found glow in dark moon objects; stars, balls, frisbees (US Toy). (We charged up ahead of time)

Next team: "Your mission is to search the galaxy and each bring back 5 treasures" Team two followed a maze of string all over the upstairs.  Behind sofas & under tables were attached to the string baggies of toys.  Little Debbie choc marshmallow cakes (Moon pies, plastic astronauts, shuttle erasers, decorated pencils, moon (pumice) rocks, compasses, etc.  Then repeat with another set of mission envelopes to send them to the other mission. (Don't forget to restock the moon room w/pre-charged up glow in dark trinkets).  

Decorate your goodie rockets:  Covered Pringle chip cans with 8x11 piece blue or black construction paper.  Glued on copy of NASA patch.  Cut rocket points out out fun foam sheets and hot glued to pringle lid.  Kids decorated with star & planet stickers, and white (or silver) gel pens (made for dark papers). 

Astronaut Training: calenthestics (they loved it!), then throw your glow in dark frisbee into laundry baskets (simple, but this went on forever).  

Pinata:  covered a balloon w/newspaper strips & watered-down glue, used cardboard ring, then my son painted and tossed glitter on the ring while still wet.  Fill with Milky way bars, star burst, pop rocks, mars bars, etc.  Eat, then open presents.  All went smoothly.  Spliting up into smaller teams makes it easier for me to manage.  I put a parent in charge of each team.  Gives kids more of a chance to participate.  I think they felt like real astronauts for a while!

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