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Spa Day Party

Ultimate Spa Party - Fruit Bonanza Smoothie




Melissa in Houston, Texas, USA


July 2005


Special Mention

My idea for an ultimate birthday party would be a spa. It would be a relaxing but yet simple way to enjoy your special day.

INVITATIONS: Roll up a pastel-colored washcloth with silk ribbon. Attach a piece of paper with a hole punch to the ribbon. On the paper, include all the party information and a cute phrase like "Relax and Rejuvenate" in a decorative font on your computer. For a bargain, go to your local dollar store for the silk ribbon and pastel-colored washcloths. 

DECORATIONS: Use silk plants, candles (under adult supervision) towels, seashells, fountains (if any), etc. Another cool way to decorate is taking a fresh flower, cutting its stem, and letting it float in water in a clear, glass bowl. Also put signs up on the front door and the room you're using as a spa. Pick a name for your spa as well.  For example, call your spa "Calmwater Creek". Decorations don't always mean things you can place and set down. Use soothing sprays and music to make your guests feel like they are at a professional spa. Again, if you go to the dollar store, you might find the suggested and other accessories that would fit in perfectly.

ACTIVITY 1: One activity is to make bath salts. Buy some Epsom salts at your local grocery store in the pharmacy aisle (The amount depends on how many girls you have). You also need essential oils such as lavender, rose, and vanilla (available at health food stores) and food coloring. You also need the leftover ribbon from the invitations and directions for the salts. Give each girl 1 cup of Epsom Salt, 4-6 drops of essential oil, and 2 drops of their desired color in a freezer bag. Remember, you can mix and match colors and scents! Let each girl shake her bag until the color is evenly distributed. You can either place the salts in a cellophane bag or leave it in the freezer bag. Then stick on the label you made, and remember to say to use 1/4 cup servings each time they use the salts. \*\*Remember this may be messy so try to do it on the kitchen table.

ACTIVITY 2: How about some exfoliating and moisturizing? Have everyone in the party receive a facial. Tell them to bring the washcloth they received in their invitation, that way you save some money! Provide hair ties and bands so the mask won't get in the girls' hair. At the dollar store you may purchase a mud mask or you can go to Wal-Mart for more variety. Have the girls put the mask on each other and let them lie down in your desired room. Let them shut their eyes, listening to the music and breathing in the air. And what is a facial without cucumbers? Grab some at your local grocery store and cut them into thin slices. After the mask dries (in about 15 minutes), have them clean their face with their washcloth.

ACTIVITY 3: Create a fruit bonanza! Make smoothies out of frozen fruits such as peaches, pineapples, bananas, and strawberries. Make a fruit bar and have the bowls of the frozen fruits you want to have. You will also need a blender to create your smoothies. You may need to compromise on a flavor or you can follow this recipe below: Strawberry Banana Smoothie: 2 cups of ice, 1 cup of strawberry yogurt, 2 cups of frozen strawberries, 1 cup of orange juice, and 1 peeled and frozen banana. Have fun slurping and sipping your smoothies!

FOOD: For food, have salad, soup, breadsticks, and of course the smoothies! Have a salad bar with bowls of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, etc. Also have a bowl of croutons and numerous dressings. For soup, have the birthday girl's favorite kind such as tomato or chicken noodle. If you're on the adventurous type, try a chilled cucumber soup. For the breadsticks, buy Pillsbury breadstick dough and pop the breadsticks in the oven!

FAVORS: Don't stress over party favors! The easiest thing to do is buy one or two items and keep it simple. Buy a body loofah and a big bottle of bubble bath at your local dollar store as your favor. There are so many flavors from vanilla to plumeria everyone will enjoy. Have fun at your carefree, cash-saving birthday party!

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