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Sleepover Party


Starry Skies Sleepover -12yr- Games & Crafts

Dream Sleepover -10yr- Pass Ball of Surprises

Starry Almost Sleepover -6yr- Glowing Hot Potato

Sleepover Extravaganza -13yr- Fashion Mag Hunt

Sleepover (9-12yr) With Lots of Games

Traditional Sleepover -10yr- Dress-up Relay

Boys Sleepover -8yr- Star Wars with Yoda Cake

Hawaiian Luau Sleepover -11yr- Hula Limbo

Super Movie Sleepover -12yr- Red Carpet

Glamour Girl Sleepover -12yr- Runway Awards

Glamour Girl Sleepover -12yr- Stuffed Animal Adoption

Sleepover Party -7yr- Pass the Glow Stick

Princess Sleepover -7yr- Midnight McDonalds Run

Sleepover Party -13yr- Mall Scavenger Hunt

Glamour Spa Sleepover -11yr- Pedicures & Manicures

Fantasy Themed Slumber Party - Lots o Crafts

Spa-jama Party -8yr- Brochure of Services

Sleepover For Five -9yr- Kiss the Poster

Craft/Game Sleepover - Truth or Dare

Princess Day Sleepover -6yr- Princess Movie Trivia

Summer Party -9yr- The Clapping Game

Celebrity Party -12yr-  Surprise Celebirties

Carnival Sleepover -11yr- Pillow Case Decorating

Hawaiian Sleepover - Coconut Drinks & Fruit

Slumber Party -11yr- Sleepover Party Tips

Wedding Sleepover -8yr- Make Bridal Bouquet

Hawaiian Sleepover -12yr- Coconut Race

Super Sleepover  -  Crafts, Spa, Games & Food

Fancy Spa Sleepover - Manicures, Facials & Relaxation

Little Girl's Sleepover -8yr- Make Your Own Pizza

Scavenger Hunt Sleepover -9yr- Leads to Restaurant

Springtime Sleepover -8yr- Be The Butterfly

PJ/Stuff Animal Party -5yr- Decorate Pillowcases

Hollywood Movie Star -12yr- Talent Show

Traditional Slumber Party - Truth or Dare

Rainforest Sleepover Party -12yr- Pineapple Pizza

Boys Sleepover -11yr- Amazing Race

Rock Star Sleepover -12yr- Karaoke Music Video

Indian Bollywood Sleepover - Mehndi Henna

Under Sea Sleepover -7yr- Sand in Bottle Invites

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