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Shrek Party

Shrek 2 Party -5yr- Musical Gingys




Cynthia in Nashville, TN


November 2004



Shrek 2 Party - 5 year old girl First I purchased blank Shrek invitations and then made the insert.  I took cream colored paper and used an old english font (i.e., "Hear Ye, Hear Ye…Shrek and Donkey request the honour of your presence at Princess _____'s 5th Birthday Party on ________ at _______am/pm.  Castle ________ (your last name), County of _______ (your county.  I then burned the edges to make it look old and sent them inside the card. 

I decorated with orange, lime green, bright yellow and red balloons, streamers, table cover, etc.  I had a Shrek cake and a big bowl of Putrid Punch which I found on the Family Fun website.  It is green and when you add ice cubes with gummy worms frozen inside, it looks great.  It was a big hit with the kids. 

For games, first we played "Crown the Frog Prince".  I printed a large picture of a frog and mounted it on thick posterboard.  I also printed crowns, cut them out, and covered them with contact paper.  The game is played just like pin the tail on the donkey.  I had originally wanted to use Donkey for this, but couldn't find a good photo to use. 

The second game was "Musical Gingy".  I drew and cut out large gingerbread men then laid them on the floor in a circle.  When the music stopped the girls were to put their foot on Gingy (just like Musical Chairs).  The winners of the two games picked a "potion" to see what prize they won.  I purchased small plastic bottles with cork stoppers at Hobby Lobby.  My daughter and I painted them pretty colors and sprinkled glitter on them. 

The day of the party I poured Juicy Juice in them and wrote a number on the bottom of the bottle.  The girls were told they had to drink the potion then peer inside the bottle to find the number.  I had purchased Shrek bubble bath, lip balm, puzzle, coloring book and sticker book for prizes and numbered them.  The game winners chose their bottles first, then all the other girls picked one also. 

For goody bags, I purchased lime green paper gift bags which my daughter decorated with Shrek stickers.  Inside we put Shrek stickers, candy and some blow bubbles which was green in a clear container.  The girls had a great time!

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