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Shrek Party

Shrek Slumber -8yr- Decorate Your Gingy Cookie




Teresa in Indianapolis, IN, USA


June 2004


Special Mention

Shrek 2 Party for 8-year-old  For my son's 8th Birthday we hosted a Shrek 2 slumber party for 10 of his closest friends.  The party was from 6 p.m. on a Friday to 9 a.m. on Saturday.  We ordered pizza for dinner on Friday to have with the Shrek 2 cake. 

Invitations:  My sister-in-law is a graphic designer and used a  Shrek movie picture and morphed my son's face into it, so his face was in Shrek's body (it was even tinted green).  We had a word bubble coming from his mouth that said... Do you want to come to a sleep "ogre"?  (aka slumber party) Then we wrote all of the details inside. 

Supplies:  I found Shrek 2 napkins, treat bags, stickers, birthday banner, dixie cups, tablecloth, cups, plates and ordered a Shrek 2 cake at Target.  At a party supply store I found an enormous Ogre-sized, Shrek balloon that I placed on the mailbox, so everyone would know where the party was located.  I also found smaller helium balloons with Shrek  2 on it and I found individual containers of green "Ogre" ooze. 

Treat Bags:  Contained Shrek 2 fruit snacks, Shrek stickers, Glow-in-the-dark eyeballs (Target), Ogre ooze, and green sour-punch straws.  Games:    Belching contest (Ogres don't have many manners)  I filled Shrek 2 dixie cups with Mountain Dew and each child drank the cup full and tried to Belch, the loudest belch got to pick a prize at the prize station. 

Throw the Ear Wax at Shrek:  I got a Shrek picture off of the Internet and made it into an overhead transparency.  I traced the large picture of Shrek on to bulletin board paper and traced it and cut it out and colored it in with markers.  I hung the Ogre outside in our back yard and had the kids line up.  Each child used their Ogre Ooze from their gift bags and had to throw it as close to Shrek's ear as they could.  The person that got the "ear wax" closest to Shrek's ear got the prize. 

Far, Far Away Relay:  I made an obstacle course outside (Walmart Obstacle Course kit---it was about $5).  It contained a start/finish line, flags with flag poles, a bar the kids had to duck underneath, etc.  The child with the best time won the prize. 

Pass the Gas:  (Well, not really but the title sounded funny and ogre-like)  For this I bought a Shrek 2 CD Soundtrack and played music.  The kids sat in a circle and passed a Shrek toy around and when the music stopped, if you were holding the toy then you were out.  (Hot potatoe with a Shrek twist).  The last child remaining got the pick a prize. 

Potions Lab:  I filled Shrek 2 dixie cups with Sprite (before I did this I wrote the name of a Shrek movie character on the bottom of the cup).  Each child, one at a time took a dixie cup and drank the "potion".  When they were finished they read the name on the bottom of the cup and that was what the potion "turned" them into.  So then they had to act like that character and the rest of the kids got to guess.  The child that guessed correctly first, got to go next.  This was a lot of fun!  Some of the characters on the bottom of the cup were:  Fairy Godmother, Blind Mice, Little Pig, Big, Bad Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, Donkey, Frog King, Fiona, etc. 

Ogre ball:  We have a basketball court and placed point values on the court.  The kids were timed for 60 seconds and the kid scoring the most points got the prize.  (Even ogres need their exercise) 

Activity:  At Walmart I purchased Shrek cookie mixes that came complete with a Gingy cookie cutter.  Each mix contained a gingerbread cookie mix and a sugar cookie mix.  The night before the party my son helped me make small Gingerbread cookies and then we made a Huge Gingerbread cookie--just like in the Shrek 2 movie.  The kids decorated the cookies with Shrek 2 sprinkles, Shrek candy faces (Walmart), and Ogre-mix oversized M & M's.  They had a great time making their cookies and I took digital pictures of each child with their cookie and then all of the kids planned out how to decorate the enormous Gingerbread cookie and worked together to decorate it. 

Since it was a slumber party @ 10:30 p.m. we put in the Shrek 1 movie.  About midnight the lights were out and the kids woke up about 7 a.m. the next day.  In the morning we made pancakes with green food coloring (Ogre cakes).  We also gave them "green" milk.  We let them stir in green food coloring in their milk if they wanted to.  The prizes I had purchased for the party were:  Shrek Playdoh, 2 Shrek puzzles (Target), a Shrek 2 T-shirt (Walmart), Shrek "potion" Candy (Walmart), and a Shrek 2 straw.  I had the Shrek 1 movie on 2 TV's during the party just for ambiance.  Other decorations besides Shrek balloons, was a Shrek poster, and a Shrek "Happy Birthday" banner purchased at Target. 

I had purchased Shrek wrapping paper at Target also and purchased the Shrek 2 Playstation game for my son for his birthday, so the kids got to take turns playing the Shrek 2 Playstation game as well that evening after the games.  I purchased Shrek 2 thank you cards at a party supply store.  We are going to print the digital pictures that I took throughout the party and send each child their pictures in with their thank you cards.  The party was an "Ogre-sized" success!

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