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Kimberlee in Bay Roberts, Newfoundland  Canada

Oct 2002



Sesame Street Alphabet Clubhouse - 3 yr old  We recently gave a party for our 3 year old son....it was a great success! (24 invited, 24 came!) Tyler enjoys Sesame Street, so we decided on that theme. But, the Sesame St. tableware that I found had the alphabet printed around the edges... thus the idea of having the party at the Sesame St. Alphabet Clubhouse!

INVITATIONS: I created a picture of Cookie Monster that looked like he was holding a sign (head and feet sticking out with arms holding the sign).On the sign was the following poem I wrote: "Tyler N. is turning 3...let's all sing, dance and shout YIPPEE! There's gonna be a party Saturday, September 28 is the date...it starts at 11:00 am, please don't be late! Big Bird, Cookie, and Elmo, they all say they can come, if YOU are going to be there, please phone Tyler's Mum! Fun, game, prizes and a whole lot of treats...it all takes place on Sesame Street!  This party is being brought to you by the letter T and the number 3!  I then had the location as the Alphabet Clubhouse on Sesame Street(a local building that we were able to rent), the time, RSVP number, etc. I then cut out these Cookie Monster pictures and pasted them on the front of rainbow coloured lunch bags. I made a HUGE batch of chocolate chip cookies and divided them among the lunch bags.  On my PC, I created labels that said "Cookie Monster's Favourite Cookies, made especially for_(child's name)_,folded the tops of the bags and then sealed them with these labels.  They were all hand delivered.  I received a tremendous amount of compliments on these invitations (and recipe requests!)

DECORATIONS: On my printer, I was able to use the poster size print option to create 4 foot high colour posters of Cookie, Big Bird, Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Zoe, The Count and Grover. (I enlarged a set of Sesame Street character window clings that my son had, the colours were really vibrant.) I printed them on card stock so they would be heavier, and then laminated them. I placed these on the walls around the room. Being a teacher, I already had a set of 5 inch rainbow uppercase letters. I put these on the walls between the character posters in a wavy pattern. Using these same letters,I had beforehand enlarged the letters for "Happy 3rd Birthday Tyler!" so that each letter just fit an 81/2x11 inch sheet of card stock.  I cut these out, and stuck them on that large wall behind the table where the kids would eat. I then created another Ernie and Bert to be placed on either side of the greeting.

We bought a large metal garbage can, and I printed a poster of Oscar the Grouch's head and fingers (to scale) and then place him inside the can, it looked like he was popping out! I then created a poster to put above him which had a picture of him in a garbage dump and the words "No Smiling Zone". I then tied up 25 bags of newspapers and placed all around his can..quite a mess!

We used lots and lots of red, yellow and blue balloons and streamers on the ceiling and walls. A few helium bunches of Sesame Street character, Happy 3rd Birthday, and Happy Birthday Tyler balloons and the place looked great!  For the table I used the character/alphabet printed plates, cups, napkins, and tableclothes. I did a fork, knife, spoon and a rainbow blowout in a bundle with curling ribbon for each child. Using a print program, I created place cards that said "Emily's Place", "Daniel's Spot", etc. I put a Sesame Street character sticker on each one. I sprinkled multi-coloured balloon confetti on the table. I skirted the gift table in a yellow cloth and skirt, and the parent's food table in red. I used my sons empty bubble bath containers (Cookie, Elmo, and Big Bird) as the centrepieces on these tables. Looked quite nice! We also set up the CD player and played 2 SS CDs that we have throughout the party.

ACTIVITIES: This age group likes group play more than games, so we planned some of both. I set up a couple of small tables, one was alphabet colouring sheets (from the SS website) with crayons. Another was many cans of playdoh with rollers and cutters (& my set of cookie alphabet cutters)! We also set up a big slide from our outdoor playset, and brought our sand table from the play room. Last year I filled a very large mattress box with popcorn and added shovel, pails, truckss, etc. It was a huge success, so we did it again! Still loved by all! The kids used these activities at the beginning and during the downtimes between games.  When everyone arrived, we all made Froot Loop necklaces.  Beforehand, I had cut 5 inch circles form craft foam and punched a hole in the top. I used licorice laces to thread them on and tied a knot to hold. I used large metallic uppercase letters and placed the child's first initial on each one. At the party, the kids threaded Froot Loops on and decorated the medallion with stickers, then tied them around their necks. Lots of Snacking! 

Our second game was like Hot Potato, only called "Who will steal a cookie from the Cookie Jar?". My husband taped Cookie Monster singing "C is for Cookie" 5 or 6 times onto a cassette.  I create a 8 inch cookie from tan felt with brown felt for chocolate chips. I then used Ernie and Bert cookie cutters (found on Ebay), and baked cookies which I put in cellophane bags. I used a large jar and put the bagged cookies in that.  The kids sat in a circle and played the same rules as Hot Potato, but instead of being out (I don't ever play games where only one person wins, I personally don't feel B-Day parties are a place for hurt feelings)when the music stopped, the child holding the cookie got to steal a cookie from the jar!  Then the highlight of the party… Elmo arrived!  We rented the costume, my brother-in-law dressed up and the kids were delighted, especially the BD boy! Elmo brought Tyler a gift (in SS paper) tied with a huge pile of helium balloons. He greeted all the kids and gave them all a ring with a SS character face on it, then played at the sand atble and popcorn box for a few minutes.  I then read Elmo's favorite book (Jellybean books: Elmo, Shake a Leg!)  The book give all sorts of different directions (rub your tummy, shake a leg, pat your head, twist your waist, etc.) and Elmo led the kids in them all. Definatly a BIG hit! The B-Day Boy was quite disappointed when Elmo left! Finally, before going home the kids all lined up to pull the pinata. Using paper towel rolls, I wrapped a little package of gifts (candy, pencil) placed in the roll then wrapped the roll in tissue paper and tied the ends (like a Xmas cracker.)  I did 30 of these, then taped them around a small box. I placed pictures of SS characters on the sides to decorate. I threaded ribbon through holes I made in the top, so that my husband could hang it from the centre of the ceiling.  I left the bottom end of the curling ribbon on each one really long, and attached the first initial of each child. Each child then found their initial and pulled the string…out came the prize. Great fun and everyone got a prize! 

FOOD: We had the party from 11:00-1:00, so we served lunch - homemade macaroni & cheese and chicken fingers, juice or milk. Parents had sandwiches, veggies and dip, and chili with cornbread or rolls. I did my own cake, it was 2layer with a Cookie Monster candle (he holds the number 3).I used more of the SS Character rings pushed in around the cake so there were framed ovals of the characters on the cake, and then red, yellow and blue dots. Looked really nice! For each child I decorated individual cupcakes. I used Elmo cupcake papers, they had pictures of Elmo and the alphabet on them! I used white icing with more red, blue and yellow dots. I then topped each one with a Bakery Bite that featured a SS character (B Bites are shaped edible paper decorations). Parents had the big cake. After lunch, we opened the gifts, then time to go home!

GIVEAWAYS:Each child took home their necklace, blowout, pinata loot and a treat bag.  For these I used the SS website to print the letters/pictures of each child's first initial. I then created a page for each child which showed the SS character with the letter and corresponding picture (ex.T) and then printed underneath "…. Is for Tyler!" I did a colouring sheet of this for each child and also printed it on coloured paper. I took this one and pasted it on a paper gift bag. At going home time I would say (example) "E is for ____?" and the child would say "Emily!" and then get their treat bag! Inside each bag I had a SS (Big Bird) Preschool Activity/Colouring Book and crayons, SS character photo album (found on sale!),SS window clings or SS book or SS socks, bags of cheesies, candy, and a chocolate bar. Everyone went home happy, most especially my son (the most important one!)It was a great party, everyone had tons of fun! Now on to our first Halloween party….I can't wait! Hope your party is fantastic too! Good luck!

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