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Scrapbooking Theme -12yr- Scrapping & Movie




Susan in Levelland, Texas United States


September 2004



For my 12th birthday I'm going to have a scrapbooking theme. Here are my ideas.

1)INVITATIONS-I've already made them,so I can send them out early. First,I took a piece of paper and wrote:You're invited!Under that was my picture cut into a flower shape so it would look like a scrapbook page. Inside I drew a retangle(like a picture)and wrote all the info. in it. Then I put other pictures around it.

2)WHEN GUESTS ARRIVE-I will give them a package that has fake money,coupons,and a scrapbook(paper will work). In your basement or another room,set up a few tables. One for paying,one for paper,and one for ribbons and stickers. The coupons can say stuff like: SAVE $1.00 on any paper from(the name of the pretend store). Then have them pay for it. You can also have a sheet of paper at the desk saying,"Sign-up to win a package of stickers!" When they sign-up you put their name in a hat and draw one out at the end of the party.

After that,we will eat. Pizza or hotdogs are best(if you want to stay on the budget). After that we will load up and head over to the scrapbooking store and let them buy something for real. Then,we will go to the mall or something. When we get home,we will begin working on our scrapbooks. While we work,we will watch a movie(what-ever they choose).

My mom will want us to get a little sleep,so we will do that next. I'll set my alarm-clock for 2:00 in the morning. Who-ever gets up last will pay. Silly string is best. We will then have game or free time.

3)CAKE-after we eat lunch,we will have cake. I iced a plain cake with pink icing and draw a picture and a pair of sissors on it. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUSAN!!!" will be written on it. After that we will open presents. When guests leave,I'll give them a bag that has stickers,a cheap pair of sissors,and other cool and cheap scrapbooking supplies. I hope you like my idea and you will choose it!!!

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