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Scrapbooking Slumber -6yr- Scrapbook Party Favors




Laurie in Coconut Creek, Florida, USA


January 2002


Honorable Mention

SCRAPBOOKING AND SLUMBER PARTY - Big Hit!    My daughter's six year old birthday party was a blast!  We invited six girls plus the birthday girl.    She had a sleepover kit that included games, crafts, ideas and invitations to color. 

We bought balloons and streamers that matched the Barbie plates and other party accessories she chose.  We ordered a Barbie cake from Publix, which was a real Barbie doll and the dress was the cake.  It was beautiful…almost looked like a wedding cake.  We displayed her Barbie phone, Barbie radio, Barbie House Lunchbox, Barbie dolls and other Barbie accessories on shelves with fake rose pedals thrown on the shelves.  

The menu was the six year old's favorites that went over very well.  Chicken tenders, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese - yes, they love the boxed one the best and pizza bagels.  Snacks were cheetos, goldfish, teddy grahams, pbj sandwiches (smuckers frozen ones without the crust) and juice boxes and small bottled waters in a cooler. 

We had a few boys over from school at 4:00 and they left at 6:00. We gave them each a "boy" party favor - hit clip or small bop-it.    The girls got into their pajamas early and started scrapbooking.  We had them each bring some of their favorite pictures. 

We bought acid-free scrapbooks at Super Wal-Mart for $6.99.  We put stickers on the front that spelled each child's name with a fun sticker next to it.  They brought these home as party favors.  They had so much fun…we bought a lot of cute stickers, paper, diecuts, etc…they loved it!  While they were scrapbooking, they decorated plain toothbrushes with studs, beads and buttons on the handles.  Then, they all brushed their teeth with their new toothbrushes later on… 

Next was popcorn, the left over chicken, pizza bagels, and a movie.  They watched Mary Kate and Ashley's Birthday Party and munched out!  Then, they put on their favorite CDs:  Britney Spears, Aaron Carter, and other dance songs and danced their little hearts out.  In the sleepover kit was the paper fortune tellers we all played with when we were little…it had cute little fortunes…they were laughing and screaming…Truth or Dare was also included…pretty cute and innocent at this age.  They were ready for bed. 

They laid their sleeping bags all over the living room and were sleeping within 20 minutes.  They were wiped out.  I let them stay up until 10:45 since they were so good.  No fighting or issues!!! 

They woke up at 7:00 am and in the sleepover kit were stickers that read:  first one asleep, early bird, last one asleep, midnight munchies, morning hair, etc…so, we gave out the awards/stickers to the winners of each category.   Each girl got dressed, did their hair, brushed their teeth and put their sticker award on.  They were great…it was so organized it was scary.   

They had bagels and donut holes with orange juice out on the patio (we are in Florida so it is warm) and they were all picked up by 9 am.  They brought home their scrapbooks, toothbrushes and pretty heart lollipops on long sticks from a lollipop basket as their party favors. 

Awesome party!  The best one we have ever had.  All of the kids loved it and want to repeat it for their party…that has been the feedback!  : )

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