Scrapbooking Party

Scrapbook Family Party -  Jordan Jeopardy




Jameson in Kingsport, TN  USA


January, 2000


Honorable Mention

For my brother's 40th, we had a big family party.

Everyone in his large family made 8.5x11 scrapbook pages from all the photos they had of him. We gathered our photos, had them color-copied, then cut out photos and assembled pages using a variety of techniques (stickers, magazine clippings, craft supplies, etc.) Most added comments by pictures.

Each family brought 10-20 pages. I had a large ring binder ready with about 100 8.5x11 vinyl sheet protectors (page pockets). I also slipped a white 8.5x11 cardstock sheet into each pocket, then put the assembled pages on each side (this stiffened the pages so they were easy to turn). I had made a cover sheet with his name, etc. that slipped into the front clear vinyl pocket on the ring binder. It was a large book that we all spent hours thumbing through.

Everyone loved this, as it gave my brother lots of photos of himself that he might not have had. It was inexpensive and not too time-consuming for any one person!  Office supply stores are a good cheap source for the binder materials.

One of our big party traditions is a game show. We adapt an idea to a family game show. This one was Jordan Jeopardy, with a game board and trivia questions about the honoree. The game board was made with 2-4 poster boards. Colored paper cut to squares can be removed from the poster board to reveal questions or topics or point values. Use a post-it note glue stick to make post-it notes out of lg. squares of paper. (This worked great.) The audience loves these gimmicky game shows.

Another time, an Emcee wore a large necktie (made from neon green poster board with neon yellow dots glued on). This tie had a string taped on to slip it around emcee's neck. The emcee cleared his throat and adjusted his tie to signal to the adult audience members that this question was geared to the young children. That way the children could participate and really answer some questions. (We whispered this instruction around before game began.)

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