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MythBusters Party -10yr- Radio Active Signs




Anderson in Reedsburg, WI  United States


March 2012


Runner Up

INVITATIONS - I made them with the computer and colored paper-- It said "Come help us bust a few myths for ---------- 10th birthday party. 

The party started at 11:30 a.m. We had a total of 11 kids= Once all the kids arrived we sat down and had hot dogs pickles chips and cheese (with Mythbusters names) and Kool-Aid in the plastic disposable bottles. I bought silver metallic dinnerware and a couple of tablecloths to give the industrial look along with blue and silver balloons to decorate the table from Wal-mart.  After lunch around 12:00 it was off to the garage where we had set-up a lab.

DECORATIONS: We decorated the walls with different signs printed off the internet (i.e. radio active symbols danger symbols MythBusters pictures blue-prints a list of the myths we were going to do and the ingredients etc..). In the center of the garage I put 3 tables in a circle (so the kids gathered around a large table and had their own space but could see each other). The tables were covered with blue and silver tableclothes.

ACTIVITIES:  Instead of games (because these are older kids and to keep with the Mythbusters theme we did experiments and Mythbusting).

The first myth (1) Making snow- bought experiment in the toy section of the dollar store for $1 each. Each child was given a tub of snow and a cup that they added water to and mixed some kids added food coloring.

Second myth (2) Making Mt. Dew glow- by adding 1/4 a bottle of Mt. Dew 3 caps of peroxide and some baking soda this didn't work..so onto the next one.

Myth (3) can we put a hard boiled (de-shelled) into a glass jar with a smaller entry (Small snapple drink jar) the adults handled this experiment while the kids watched and it was fun (the kids loved it) we did it with 4 eggs. Take the jar (empty of course) take a match and light a piece of paper on fire on the end then put it in the jar and put the egg on top of the jar opening it literally sucked the egg into the jar.

Myth (4)Making film canister rockets (huge hit) bought the film canisters from Steve Spangler science website bought the launchers from there too. Put 1/2 Alka-Setzler tablet and 1 tablespoon of water in the canister and you can either put it on your hands or in the launcher and watch it launch off- the kids loved this and did it in the driveway several times!

Myth (5) Bubble Bag Explosions (aka Bag Bombs) take a ziploc sandwich bag add 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/4 cup of water to the bag then seal it just enough to where you can still put a small packet in it. Then cut a piece of paper towel off and put a tsp. of baking soda on the paper towel fold it up and drop it in the small ziploc bag opening and seal really quick. Then put it where you want it and watch the bag grow until it blows up the kids had a blast with this one in the driveway and did several of them.

Myth (6) Ninja water/quicksand (coolest stuff and weird feeling) took a long plastic container (big enough for 3 kids to stand in and sink in up to their ankles) 25 lbs of cornstarch bought by bulk from a food distribution company added water and mixed to a pancake batter like thickness. The kids loved it because if they moved real fast they could run across it but if they stopped they sank right into it and would get stuck…messy but the kids loved it and it cleaned right off with a hose and a towel nearby.

Myth (7) Mentos and Coke Geysers. Bought the Geysers at Steve Spangler and 5 Diet Coke Bottles. The Geysers where huge when they went off and the boys loved it!  Then it was back in the house around 2:00 p.m. for cake.

CAKE: I did a 3 layer cake with Buttercream frosting that had a different color on each layer blue and gray then took sugar sheets in yellow and black and put it around each layers (like caution tape). Found old toy pieces (wheel boulder legos dynamite) and put on the cake along with printing off images of buster a dynamite ignitor and taped them on wood skewers that I put into the cake. Then took the center out of the top of the cake and covered the hole in cut-up oreos (looked like dirt) and found this metallic sugar confetti and mixed it in with the oreo's and down the cake to look like shrappnel after an explosion. Then made printed out MythBusters plausible confirmed busted taped these signs to the skewers and stuck them in the top of the cake to look like they came out of the explosion. This was along with confetti (birthday party) ice-cream! Then opened gifts. While we waited for parents pick-up some of the kids went back to the garage to create their own concocossions while some watched MythBusters on TV and others played basketball in the driveway.

PARTY FAVORS: As a party favor they each were given their leftover tube of snow to make more at home. And each were given a black bag that I had glued an image of Buster (Mythbuster Dummy) on the side of each bag and inside was a Mentos and Coke Geyser (bought from Steve Spangler) for them  to do their own at home. Along with 2 bags of pop rocks 2 bags of explosion candy and 2 bags of crack-up candy. The kids had a great time...We also did cupcakes for his class. I used two colors blue and grey frosting on every other cupcake. Then printed the Mythbusters image plausible image confirmed image and busted image off the computer cut them out and taped them to a toothpick and inserted a different sign in each cupcake. Then printed a blue-print of an airplane off the internet and taped that into the bottom of the container that the cupcakes were in. So as the cupcakes were passed out the image was slowly being exposed until the full image was exposed and then I bought these glider airplanes at a local party supply store and each child was given a glider plane."

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