Sailboat Party

Sailboat Party -1yr- Help Us Sail-ebrate




Lisa in Tooele, Utah , USA


September 2001



My idea for my sons first birthday is going to be in the theme of sailboats, I found a wonderful sailboat cake on Martha Stewart's site and the invitations I will be making myself. I started with a baby blue card about 4"X5" and then I cut out the shape of a sailboat out of yellow card stock then I cut a 2"X4" long card out of mint green card stock and wrote all the party information like time, date etc. and the little saying that Mason is turning one! come help us "sail"-ebrate. after cutting out some little triangles (for the sails ) also out of the green I glued them to the top of the green card. 

The last step is to put it all together first I folded the green (long card) like a accordion then I glued it(the last fold) to the middle of the blue card, then I put glue around the bottom of the boat and glued it on top of the accordion paper. So now when they are received the person pulls the sail and out unfolds the invitation. I know it sounds confusing but they are so cute when they are finished.

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