Safari Party

Safari Hunt - Toss the Ring on Rhino




Diane in Great Falls, MT


November, 1999


November1999 Winner

INVITES - Send out your Jungle invites and you write "bring your binoculars". Also state on the envelope Guaranteed to send your Safarian hanging from the trees. 

DECORATIONS - Use the traditional theme of a Safari party set. Matching balloons! Use a Safari hat for the center piece next to the cake. 

CAKE - Giraffe cake: 2 boxes of cake mix. Make up a regular sized 13x9 cake pan (body parts), second cake put in a bowl and bake (head) plus do three cup cakes for (nose). From the 12x9 inch cake cut two 2 1/4 rounds using biscuit cutters. These are for the antler tips. Also cut 2 pieces each for 2 1/2x1 1/2 inches for the antler stems. Cut a piece 4x3 1/2 inches (neck) and 2 ears, about 4 1/2 inches long and 3 inches across. Then shape the ears (looks like a leaf shape). Take 2 of the muffins cut 1/2 to 3/4 inch slice from the bottom of the third muffin and a small slice off the edge (mouth). Assembly round (face), then neck. Then add the antler stems and rounds. Add cupcake nose, and mouth. Decorate with yellow frosting. Do the inside of the ears with brown frosting. Use chocolate round cookies such as Cameo or Vienna Fingers as the dots on the outside of the face and neck (alter them). Chocolate frosting for bangs. Now add eyes two sandwich cookie and scrape off frosting. Cut ends off and place above nose. Then cut two shorter chocolate cookies to lay over the whites of the eye. Add licorice for nostrils. 

GAMES - 1. Get Safari type erasers and hide them in the yard. So it is fair for all they can only collect a certain number of erasers - once done they can't collect any more (these double as their favors). While hunting they can hunt for as many peanuts as they can find. The one that collects the most wins a prize. (Don't forget to use those binoculars for the hunt). 2. Toss the ring on the rino. 

ICE CREAM - Now that you put all the work into that cake, just purchase ice cream in the little cups! Easy instead of standing there dishing up ice cream. 

FAVOR BAGS - Use the bags that match your theme (same as invites). Then fill with stretch jungle toys, jungle combs, scrub brushed that look like little hippos, use mini M&M containers (full of color) and fill with smaller erasers. Magic board with jungle animal on top. Button pins made up with each child's name in a safari animal. (Use your print shop program). Pencils to match the color them and toppers (I am using Elephants). Little compasses. Of course there always has to be a little candy!! Then all that is left is to have FUN!

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