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Fashion Runway Party -6yr- Scavenger Hunt




Sheila in Charlotte, NC, USA


June 2008


Honorable Mention

For my daughter's 6th birthday party, she wanted a fashion show party.    

On the invitations I asked everyone to come dressed in their favorite sundress and sandals, and let the parents know the show would start the last 1/2 hour of the party. 

For the craft I purchased white picture frames and found some great stickers in the scrapbooking section of Walmart.  We chose anything girly, flowers, stars, gemstones.  The girls placed the stickers on the picture frame - easy for them and not messy to clean up - they loved it and the frames looked great when they were done.  They each got a goodie bag with their name on it and the frames went in them. 

The next activity was the scavenger hunt.  I purchased bracelets, necklaces, earrings, lip gloss, candy - whatever you would normally put in the goodie bags for them to take home.  I used brown paper lunch bags so they could not see what was in the bag during the hunt.  I used satin ribbon to tie them shut and taped the clues on the front. 

I put all the necklaces in one bag, all the bracelets in the next, etc.  I then printed out some clues, making sure not to say exactly where they had to go, for example, splish splash I was taking a bath".  For that clue I filled our master bath with pink ballons and they had to find the bag under all of the ballons. 

When they found the next bag you need one of these" was another clue.  It was fun to watch them read the clue and brainstorm what they thought it meant and then figure out where they needed to go.  You can get very creative with the clues I had a lot of fun planning and hiding everything! My 9 year old daughter invited a friend over and they helped with the party. 

For the scavenger hunt they collected all the bags and opened them and separated all of the items into the girl's goodie bags. The older girls were also able to help with the makeovers - nails and make-up.  The guests then went through the goodie bags and put on all the the "bling" they gathered from the hunt and everyone had their own lipgloss to put on so we were not sharing lipstick. The girls were then off for some "runway training" upstairs in the bonus room.

We transformed our bonus room into a runway showroom.  We arranged folding chairs for the audience around the runway.  I purchased some red flannel fabric and laid it out in the shape of an "L" coming into the room.  We taped the ends down with clear packing tape to make sure it would stay in place.  We hung curtains over the doorway so the girls could make their grand entrance in style. A couple big floor plants on each side of the doorway helped complete the look.  

My older daughter wrote a script for the event and announced each of the girls with her karaoke microphone.  We put together some great runway music that was playing in the background.  I acted as the photographer and took plenty of pictures and some group pictures when the show was over.  I emailed pictures to the parents so they could print out a picture of the kids to go in the picture frame that they made at the party.

The show was followed by finger sandwiches fruit veggies and dip and parents were welcome to have lunch with us.  After lunch we served the cake and the girls had some free play time until parents took them home. Everyone had a great time!  My daughter is already talking about ideas for next year's party! "

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