Rubber Ducky Party

Rubber Ducky Party -4yr- Ducky Cake Walk




Esmeralda in San Antonio, Tx     United States


September 2004


Special Mention

For my daughter's fourth birthday we went with a Rubber Ducky Theme.  

For invitations I printed out invites with a pic of a rubber duck in a bathtub. The card read, Come and join us for Victoria's Fourth Rubber Ducky Birthday Party. Waddle on over for a splashing good time. Join at the duck pond at(time) on (date).   I made a special birthday shirt for my daugher. On the computer I designed a ducky pic with lettering that read, "My Rubber Ducky Birthday Party". I printed this out onto iron on transfer paper and put it onto a yellow t-shirt I bought.  

For decorations I used white balloons everywhere to represent bubbles. I made duck feet prints out of orange cardstock and made a trail along our fence leading to the party area in the back yard. At the entrance I made a sign in the shape of an arrow that read "Duck Pond" and pointed the way to the backyard. I twisted blue and white steamers together along the top of the fence and made duck crossing signs to post also.  

For the kiddie tables that my hubby built we found kiddie sized yellow chairs. I covered all the tables with blue table covers. On the kiddie table I put out a huge rubber duck and tied a cluster of blue and white balloons to it's neck with blue curling ribbons. I made place cards from duck shaped wood cut outs. I painted them and decorated them and wrote each child's name on it and put it at their spot. I also made placemats using dark blue vinyl placemats. I printed out and glued a ducky coloring page to the placemat. I put out small boxes of crayons for each child to color their placemat. When they were done, I covered them with clear contact paper for the kids to take home.

At each place setting I also set out the duck visors I made in place of party hats. I bought yellow foam visors and made duck bills out of orange fun foam. I glued the bill onto the front of the visor and glued on a pair of googly eyes. We had a bubble machine set out and played Rubber Ducky themed music.  At the adult table the centerpieces were small galvanized tubs filled with blue gems and a rubber duck on top. I tied a cluster of balloons to a plush duck in the middle of the table. I had several other huge rubber ducks set out on the gift table and food table with a cluster of balloons tied around their necks. I also set out a few inflatable duck swim rings with balloons tied to them also. 

For food I had two big orange serving bowls set out and labeled "duck feed" which was Chex mix with Goldfish crackers mixed in. I put out some large sand scoops for serving the snack. I had a punch bowl filled with blue Hawiian punch and floated a momma and baby rubber duck in it. We had blue napkins, yellow plates and blue plastic cups. I set the plastic utensils out in small galvanized pails. We served pizza and had plastic plates in the shape of a slice of pizza that I ordered from OTC for the kids to eat off of and take home as a favor.  

For games and activities we had a duck pond. I bought an inflatable baby tub in the shape of a duck. When you squeezed his bill, he quacked. I filled this with water and floated some ducks in it. I marked the bottoms of the ducks with two different colored star stickers. The kids won a prize that corresponded with their sticker color. I also made a toss game. I printed out a pic of a duck's head and attached it to a big cardboard box which I wrapped in yellow wrapping paper. I cut out the space where the duck's mouth would be. I used water bombs in the shape of fish for the kids to toss into the duck's mouth. We had a ring toss game using an inflatable duck swim ring. I made the rings out of clear plastic tubing. We also had a pin the bill on the duck game. I made a duck pic to poster size on the computer and glued it onto a blue posterboard. I made the bills out of orange cardstock and used double sided sticky tape for the kids to pin them on.

For an activity we had two inflatable one ring pools filled with bubble solution we made out of blue colored Dawn dish detergent, water and glycerin. We bought huge bubble wands for all the kids at the Dollar Tree and they got to take these home after the party. We also did a sort of cake walk. I made duck feet out of orange cardstock and wrote a number on each one. We set these out in a circle, one for each child. We played music and everyone walked from one foot to the next until the music stopped. Then we drew a number from previously made number cards and the person on the drawn number won a ducky decorated cupcake. The cupcakes were frosted with blue tinted frosting, sprinkled with ducky sprinkles and topped with either a ducky shaped candle or a ducky hard sugar decoration. We played until everyone won. We also did a pass the duck game (like hot potato) with a rubber duck.

For prizes for the games we had squeezie tub toys, foam bath letters/numbers, tub crayon kits, bath blocks, ducky bath scrunchies, small plastic boats, small water guns, water games, duck bill/feet sand diggers and ducky printed cello bags with mini cans of Playdoh and a duck shaped cookie cutter.  

The cake was a round two layer cake that I frosted with white frosting that I tinted a blue color. I made "bubbles" on the cake with white icing and put a mama and baby rubber duck on top. We served ducky ice cream scoops with the cake. I took a scoop of vanilla ice cream and rolled it in blue colored sugar then pressed a small rubber duck onto the top of it. I put them all into a plastic tupperware container and put these back in the freezer until serving time. 

The favor bags were small clear vinyl backpacks that came with a rubber duck, a duck shaped sponge and a bath scrunchie. I put in a sheet of ducky stickers, a ducky bath mitt, a ducky bubble necklace, and a noise maker.   I also made ducky shaped soaps and wrapped them in yellow tulle and tied them with a blue satin ribbon and gave these out to the women at the party along with a ducky loofah sponge.   

I used white wedding favor boxes to put in duck shaped cookies I made. I iced the cookies with yellow royal icing and used a mini M&M for the ducky's eye. I printed out labels on the computer with a rubber duck that read, "Thank you for coming to Victoria's Ducky Party" and put these onto the front of the favor boxes.   We had a pull string pinata with a ducky mylar balloon on it. We passed out ducky decorated foam totes that I got from a kit I bought off OTC. I made these in advance and used these for the kids to put their pinata goodies in. We also put in a crazy straw and a bag of "duck feed" that I put into individual snack sized ziplocks and made a label out of cardstock.  

Everyone had lots of fun and we got a lot of compliments on the party set up and such.

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