Rubber Ducky Party

Yellow Rubber Ducky Party -1yr- Ducky T-Shirt Favors




Marcela in Fairfax, VA, United States


September 2009


Honorable Mention

For my son's 1st Birthday, we wanted to do something very special. We realize 1st birthday parties are mostly for adults rather than for the birthday boy, but we wanted to create memories that would last. We decided to choose a Yellow Rubber Ducky theme.

For the INVITATIONS, we bought blue cardstock. On the front of the folded card we hole-punched three duckies in a horizontal row. In the inside, I glued a square piece of curry yellow cardstock so that when you closed the card, the three hole-punched duckies appeared yellow. On this inside piece of paper, we printed in blue ink: Rubber Ducky, you're the one, to make Nico's 1st Birthday so much fun! Waddle on over Saturday, August 29, from 1:30 to 3:30 to  Give us a quack if you can make it at ------------------ The envelope was curry yellow and I created an inside liner with a picture of our family and a yellow polka dot background. I printed the mailing addresses on labels with a rubber ducky picture.

For the DECORATIONS, we bought blue, yellow and white balloons and created balloon bouquets for each table (there were 4 tables on the party shelter). The weights of the bouquets were yellow fluffy duckies. The tablecloths were all yellow, the paper plates for the kids table were ducky-themed, as were the cups and napkins. I wrapped yellow spoons and forks with the ducky napkins and tied a bow around a little rubber ducky's neck and around the napkin, as napkin holders/rings. I put party hat rubber duckies throughout the table.

The adults table had blue and white paper plates, cups and napkins. I wrapped their silverware with the napkins and tied a bow around them. In the center of the bow, I put tiny cloth-pins with a yellow ducky on the bottom (found these at the local craft store). On the tables next to the plates, we put Hershey bars that had a personalized cover with my son's picture and had printed Thanks for coming to Nico's 1st Birthday Party! 

For ACTIVITIES, the kids went on the carrousel and the choo-choo train in this park. They also played in the jungle gym and blew bubbles (we had bubble bottles for all the kids, personalized with a ducky and printed Let's have bubbly fun at Nico's party!  As an entertainer, we had a friend who juggles really well, so the kids had their own circus performance!

For SNACKS/FOOD, there was capresse salad, a veggie tray, a cheese and cold cut tray, hummus and crackers, salmon dip and chips and ducky-shaped little cheese sandwiches. We also had pizza and juice boxes for everyone.

The CAKE was completely made by my husband. The base was a tall rectangular almond vanilla cake with blue fondant to represent the water and white chocolate balls of several sizes, representing the bath bubbles. Around the cake there was white icing and yellow fondant duckies. On top of the rectangular cake, there was a chocolate ducky-shaped cake covered in yellow frosting. It was amazing! People didn't want to cut it because it was too pretty!

For PARTY FAVORS, we made white t-shirts for all the kids with a yellow ducky on the front of the t-shirt and their individual names below the ducky. Our family was also wearing ducky t-shirts but they were black and had 4 duckies from big to small, and they said either mama, papa, big sis or birthday boy.  We put the kids t-shirts inside ducky-shaped bags and set them on the cake table. Next to these, we had ducky bags full of candies and closed with small cardstock tents with a ducky and printed Thanks for waddling on over to Nico's party! On the other side of the cake, we aligned the bubble bottles.

Next to these, we had favors for the adults. They were ducky silver bookmarks, and we put them inside blue paper bags closed with a round sticker with a ducky and printed Nico's 1st birthday August 2009.  As kids arrived, we gave each one a ducky necklace and a name tag with a ducky and their names. We were very happy on how the party turned out and all our friends were amazed at how many thoughtful details we had. We really enjoyed putting this party together!

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