Rodeo Party

Rodeo Party -9yr- Rope the Milking Cow




Jenn in Alix, AB Canada


June 2011



The invitations we did like a Rodeo Poster it read Sydney's 9th Anual Rodeo with the date, time, place and a picture of a horse and rider.

The first thing the kids did was make a paper bag vest they used feathers, a badge, ribbon and markers to decorate them. They all put there vests and a bandana on and lined up for a photo around and on the wood horse we built for the party.

Next we played a game, wild cow milking.The kids all sat on some straw bales and cheered on the person playing the game. Sitting on the horse we made they threw a hulahoop around the neck of the wood cow we also made. Once the cow was successfully roped they jumped off and milked the cow. We had rigged up a milking mechanism using some PVC, a pop bottle and a couple of balloon. They were all timed to see who milked the fastest.

The next game was stomp the flies, they all had a balloon attached to there ankle with an elastic they each ran around trying to pop eachothers balloons.

The last game they played was barel racing, they ran around three pails while holding onto a stick horse. Some of them loved it so much they did it over and over trying to beat there earlier time. We headed into the house for gift opening and Cake.

The cake was a cowboy boot the kids also snacked on chips, fruit and veggies. The kids all sat in a circle for present opening. We played music and they past the presents around the circle, when the music quit the present the birthday girl was holding was the one she opened. We headed back outside fir some free time while waiting for parents to come pick up.

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