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Laura in Vienna, Virginia, United States


February 2006


Honorable Mention

My 5 year old really wanted a Rescue Hero Party. I came across some fun ideas on this page - thank you!  For activities, we had a lot planned 1 set for inside and 1 set for outside as we didn't know what the weather was going to be like, this is how the party turned out.  We had the kids watch a "training video" (RH video) then had them assemble for Rescue Hero Training.  We warmed up with some strecthing exercising, jumping jacks, etc...

Then we handed out T-shirts that I had made.  I downloaded a badge image from Fisher Price's Party Page, added the name of the child, printed it on Iron-on transfer paper and viola! Team Shirts! I also scanned in an image of just the Rescue Hero "R" and added that on the sleeve.  The shirts I got for $2.30 each and we had a color printer. I decided to do these when I realized how much the goody bags were costing me. (I liked the idea of going to the Fire House & Police Department for safety brochures, etc however, the kids see a lot of our Fire Department & Police Officers, in school and at least 2 times a year for open houses and festivals so getting materials from them was a little redundant for my group of children.)  After we had them say a Rescue Hero pledge, that my 5 year old helped me create.  They felt very official after that with the shirt & the pledge. 

We did the Meteor Shower w/the balloons over the balcony - they had a blast with that and then they tried to destroy the meteors that hit the ground by sitting on them.  We then announced that there were Rescue Heros that were lost and needed to be rescued so we created teams of 2 and gave them a picture of the Rescue Hero along with a picture of an object in the house where they could find a clue as to where the Rescue Hero was.  We had a total of 5 clues for each Rescue Hero figure - 7.  Once they found their Rescue Hero they brought them back to Hyper Jet HQ.   Rules were, they could ask an adult for help in thinking about where it might be and they couldn't take off and find the other clue unless they had their partner with them. 

We took pictures w/our digital camera and printed them off on the desktop printer. Clues were taped on, under, side, inside of objects.  Once all the Rescue Heros were found they children were able to play with them and the Hyper Jet and all the other Rescue Hero toys that my son has amassed over the last 2 years!  The next activity sent them outside in the snow as an avalanche had trapped a group of little people.  I hid Little People in 2 snowbanks, divided them into 2 teams and they raced to uncover all the people.  Once one team finished, players had an opportunity to decided whether or not to help the other team - most wanted to help out and all Little People were rescued. 

The last activity had them rescue stranded Dinosaurs on top of our play set platform and bring them to Dino Island before they became extinct. They were one team - each person went up the playset, collected as many dinosaurs as they could, slid down the slide, placed them in the sled and then tagged the next person standing in line.  They had 10 minutes in which to rescue as many as they could.  It was up to them to decide when to bring the sled over to Dino Island, once they brought the sled over though, they couldn't go back and get more. (I kept them informed as to how much time they had left)2 people then ran with the sled to Dino Island. They children had fun shouting and cheering their teammate on and a couple were inspired and threw "meteors" (snowballs) to create some "danger" (I allowed the snowballs as long as they kept encouraging the person running and didn't actually try to hit the person.)

Afterwards we had an awards ceremony and handed out ceritificates.  Fisher Price has Award template on their RH Home Page too, I borrowed the wording, but created my own certificate look.  The children had a lot fun, enjoyed being active and had some down time to just play as well.  It was a two hour party with cake.  We didn't open presents during the party as we want the focus to stay on playing with our friends and having fun.   Rescue Hero party supplies are hard to find and I found a few on Ebay.

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