Rescue Heros Party

Rescue Hero -4yr- Hero Training Camp




Jessica in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA


October 2005


Honorable Mention

We had a Rescue Hero party for my son’s 4th birthday.  We printed the invitations from the Rescue Hero website.  I made a stencil of the Rescue Hero logo and made a poster that said "RESCUE HERO Training Camp" for the front door.  I also used the stencil and spray can frosting tint to put the Rescue Hero logo on the birthday cake.  When the guests arrived we had them all decorate white gift bags (to be used as favor bags).  We had everyone's name on their bag and had markers and lots of stickers to use to decorate the bags.  The fireman badge stickers were a big hit with the boys. 

After most of the guests had arrived and decorated their bag we watched a Rescue Hero episode.  We wanted to make sure all of the guests were familiar with the Rescue Heroes.  We then rang a loud bell and told all of the guests that they were going to be in Rescue Hero training camp today and they needed to be ready to help with any disaster.  We rang the bell again for the first mission. 

The guests were told that there was a fire in the living room and that a family of bears needed to be rescued.  We had a large doll house set up in another room with red, orange and yellow balloons attached to it for flames.  They were all given a fire hat and asked to put out the flames.  They took balloons off the dollhouse and then smothered them with a hand towel and jumped on the balloons to pop them. 

Once all the balloons were popped they each reached into the attic of the dollhouse and grabbed a bag of gummy bears.  We then asked them to go play with the people and cars we had set up on a road mat in the next room.  While they were playing my husband got behind the mountain we had created out of boxes, couch cushions and white sheets.  I then rang the bell and told them to clear the area because there was a chance of an avalanche. 

After this my husband poured several bags of Styrofoam peanuts all over the cars and people.  I gave each of the guests a small shovel or rake to help dig out the trapped people and cars.  We told them one of the Rescue Hero mottos is,  No one gets left behind.  As soon as they found a car or person they needed to bring it to me so we could be sure and get everyone.  When there were only a few people and cars left,  I counted them down for them (i.e. There are 5 cars left.).  This activity was a huge hit. 

We buried about 50 cars and 20 Little People.  We then let everyone go play with my sons Rescue Heroes which we had set out before the party as decorations.  We let them play for a few minutes and then rang the bell again.  The next disaster was a tornado.  We had toppled things over in an upstairs bedroom and hid animals.  We asked them to rescue the animals and bring them to Ariel Flyer (a party guest volunteer).  Ariel had a doctor kit and would help the injured animals.  We gave each guest a pair of binoculars to help them locate the animals.  We also hid some animals high and had a ladder available which they could climb with my husband’s assistance. 

After all the animals had been rescued, we all went downstairs to play some more.  The bell rang one last time for the last disaster, a meteor shower.  Each child was given a pair of gloves and they were told to hit the meteors as many times as they could so they would cool off before they hit the Earth.  We have a bridge stairway and threw balloons off the top for the quests to hit.  After a few minutes they wanted to help throw the meteors.  When we finished we ate lunch.  We had pizza, the pepperoni’s were arranged in the Rescue Hero logo.   

After cake and ice cream we opened presents.  Each guest got the present they brought and we sat in a circle.  We played the Rescue Hero theme and they passed the presents around the circle.  My son opened the present he was holding when the music stopped.  In the guests favor bags were the items they had used in the rescues; fireman hat, gummy bears, shovel, binoculars and gloves.  All of the items, except the gummy bears, were purchased from Oriental Trading for about $40.  The kids had a great time.

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