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Rescue Heros Party -4yr- Rescue Misions




Kim in Gilbert, AZ USA


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

My son wanted a Rescue Heroes party for his 4th birthday.  So, A Rescue Heroes AZ Training Camp was created.  I went to the RH website and printed all sorts of their party items. (invites, cake d├ęcor etc.) We decorated in  primary colors.  For the main party activity, we made up 6 rescue missions for each child to complete. Trying to be somewhat economical we used several toys etc. from around the house. We also used many ideas from this site and others.  Our thanks go out to all:) Since we live in Arizona each mission was named after something in our home state. 

Mission 1 - Avondale Accident We put a large stuffed bear in a "Little Tykes" Cozy Coupe, and then tipped the car on its side. About 5 feet away was a small toy phone. The kids had to pull Bob Bear from his vehicle and carry him to safety. Then call 911 and report the accident.

Mission 2 - Lake Havasu Lifeguard Billy Blazes and Wendy Waters were at the bottom of a water filled (2 inches) plastic play pool.  The kids had to "slide down the slide into the pool and rescue Billy and Wendy"

Mission 3 - Cave Creek Crawl  We used our kids Play Hut tunnels for this. We taped a small stuffed animal inside the tunnels. The kids had to "Climb through the cave and rescue the innocent animal that had gotten stuck".

Mission 4 - Verde Canyon Avalanche We filled another plastic play pool with lots of different size balloons. The kids were told to "Dig through the boulders to rescue Al Pine from the avalanche." (the balloons kept blowing away so if you do this I would recommend using balls instead of balloons)

Mission 5 - Tombstone Tree rescue  The kids (with their mom’s help) climbed a 2 foot step ladder to rescue a stuffed cat from a tree. 

Mission 6 Flagstaff Fire Our back yard is surrounded with a 6 foot concrete brick fence.  We drew (in orange chalk)  flames all around the fence. Each child used a hose to spray a designated section of the fence until the flames were gone.    

We printed out explanation sheets for parents so they could help the kids follow along.  On the instruction sheets we (to avoid back- up) mixed the order of missions for every 2 kids. In other words, there weren’t more than 2 children at a time at each mission station. 

At the end of the party the kids were each given a t-shirt (with a Rescue Heroes emblem on the front and their name stenciled on the back) and a Junior Blaze Buster Certificate (from the RH website) .  It was presented to them during the Camp graduation ceremony while they ate cake. My son had a great time and his friends still ask when the next b-day party will be!

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