Ratatouille Party

Ratatouille Party -8yr- Bakery Shop Party




leticia in mexico city, mxico


August 2007



FOR MY 8 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER,WHO HAs JUST SEEN THE FILM,I had to think of something original since she would not settle for any other theme.

INVITATIONS FIRST I BOUGHT SOME TINY PLUSH MICE,HAD THE EIFFEL TOWER & VEGIES PRINTED ON THE CARD THEN GLUED THE TINY MICE ON EACH CARD, I ALSO BOUGHT CONFETTI IN THE SHAPE OF THE EIFFEL TOWER from Stumps. Since I speake french, I wrote Chers Amis, we will be expecting you at the tres bon retaurant to cook with Ana a tres delicieux meal, we will have lots of fun, be on the look out for mice. r.s.v.p & our phone no.

GAMES I had the kids sit in tables and had plastic aprons so they wouldn t get their cloths dirty.They each had a plastic knife,wood cutting board, a well cooked (easy to cut) carrot and they had to see who could cut the carrot first. Downtown I found some cheap radio controlled mice,they had to run arround trying to catch the mice, the one that cought it  first won.

At our bakery shop they have some special cupcakes made in the form of mice, so with their hands behind, they each had to see who could eat the mice first. I also bought some inexpensive palstic toys pans with imitation eggs.They had to flop it in the air and not miss it coming back to the pan.Then I blind fowlded some children and they each had to guess what aroma they were smelling, I had tomate, sauce, thime, different veggies and some natural fruit juices.

Decorations Eiffel Tower from Stumps and mice on the walls,rented some adult mice costums for the mice to play with the children.Sometimes the mice would say some words in french for the children to learn.

FOOD.Since the rattouiile (veggie dish), is not very popular with children,I gave them the famous croque messieur dish, which consists of square piece of bread, with cheese on top( melted)with a special mold I cut small pieces of ham in the form of mice and added it in the middle), the kids loved it, french fries and grape juice( which was supposed to be wine)served in plastic goblets, each goblet had a mice sticker on it with a bow tied arround with the 3 colors of the French flag.

Each took a bag with goodies which consisted of a mouse puppet made of felt (bought them whole sale I m too lazy to do 40 of them) what a balst they had, all the 30 mothers congratuleted me(In Mexico our childrens parties are normally for 40 kids, which we had + parents

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