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Race Car Party -4yr- Pit Stop Tire Change Race




Jennifer in Houston, TX  USA


June 2002


Special Mention

Pit Crew/Race Car Party This year's theme for my 4 year old son was a race car party.  We had so much fun planning this party.  There are so many ideas to turn your backyard into a fabulous race track.  This is what we did: 

INVITES:  I purchased 6 dozen small checkerboard flags from Oriental Trading.  I used 2 dozen for the invites and the other 4 dozen for decorations.  I printed the party info on the computer, cut out and taped to each flag.  They read, Boys & Girls Zoom on over to the Rodgers Racetrack to help celebrate Matt's 4th birthday.  We hand delivered most of them but they easily fit inside of a white business envelope to be mailed. 

DECORATIONS:  We literally transformed the backyard into a race track.  I made a black and white balloon arch that went over the gate to the back yard and also on top of the play fort/swing set.  We also had gobs of black and white balloons attached to everything. We found a bunch of old tires from a recycled tire store and placed them into two large circles (one inside the other) to form the track.  We then hammered wooden stakes inside the tires (about every third one) and tied a 100 foot checkerboard flag pennant string to the stakes (got this from Oriental trading as well).

I made traffic signs like stop, one way and speed limit 4 and placed these around the race track. It looked very official.   We placed chairs around the track for the parents to be able to sit and watch the races.  I also bought four 3X6 Nascar racers banners off of ebay.   These banners were tied around the top of our play fort for decorations.    The 4 dozen small checkerboard flags and 1 dozen large flags were stuck in the ground in various places around the yard as well.  The food table was completely decorated with black and white checkerboard tablecloths, black and white plates and forks and race car cut outs.  

AS THE KIDS ARRIVED:  As each child arrived, they went to the Racers Check-In Table.  Here the kids got their Pit Passes.  I made these on the computer using the Avery brand hanging name tags.  Run them through the computer and put in the plastic holder.  I made an empty rectangle on the pass where the childs photo would go.  I used an I-zone Polaroid camera with sticker film.  I took each childs picture and out came a small sticker to attach to their pit pass.  On the back of the pass I put the schedule of events so everyone would know what was going on. 

FIRST ACTIVITY:  After the kids got their passes made, they went over to a table to paint a small wooden race car (bought at Oriental Trading).  This would keep them occupied until all the kids got there. 

PIT STOP CAFÉ:  We set up a canopy tent with a table underneath and name this the Pit Stop Café.  Here was where dinner was served.  Pizza, chips, drinks were all set out and kids and parents could just fill up on food.  The Pit Stop Café was also opened all evening for those who wanted seconds. 

THE RACES BEGAN now it was time to start the races.  I made 4 race cars out of boxes the same size.  Basically the top and bottom were open to allow the little driver to stand inside and hold the side of the box with handles cut out.  I painted the boxes different colors one green, one blue, one red, and one yellow.  Each was decorated with paper plates wheels that were removable, aluminum foil covered small paper bowls for the headlights and painted on features like the doors, etc.  The kids were divided into 4 different race teams.  Since they were part of the pit crew, they had to perform different pit crew assignments at each race. 

The first race involved changing the wheels from the red paper plates to blue paper plates.  The second race involved pretending to fill up the gas tank and the 3rd race involved changing the spark plugs (those little champagne bottles with the pull strings that pop when pulled I painted these silver ahead of time).  The kids would take turns running around the track, then do the pit crew assignment, switch drivers, then run around the track.  They would repeat until all drivers had the chance to run.  Everyone was a winner at our races. 

CAKE & ICE CREAM:  After the races, these little racers needed some cake and ice cream.  They all enjoyed the race car cake (Wilton).  We then  opened presents. 

TROPHY TIME.  I ordered small gold trophies from Oriental Trading.  I made up labels on the computer that read I'm a WINNER at Matt's 4th birthday and attached them to the base of the trophies.  Then I put a glittery race car sticker on the  gold cup.  Every child received a trophy.  They were so excited. 

PARTY FAVORS:  I used white paper bags that I sponge painted on black squares to keep the checkerboard theme.  Inside was a hot wheel car, race car stickers, hot wheels fruit snacks and a hot wheels book mark.  They also took home their pit pass, their trophy and the wooden car they painted.  Everyone had a blast boys and girls alike.

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