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Race Car Party -5yr- Throw Bean Bag Through Tire




Michelle in Billings, MT  USA


March 2002


Special Mention

Race Car Party  For my son Quinn's 5th birthday, I decided to do a "racecar party" since he is so interested in cars!  (He has TONS of hotwheels and matchbox cars!  These make such an inexpensive 'surprise' and 'stocking stuffer' and such, that he and his brothers have accumulated MANY!)  Anyhow, for his birthday, we invited all the boys from his kindergarten class (there were only 9 and 8 came).  He had never had a "Big" birthday party, so this was it.  And boy, was it a big success! 

I hung some posters of racecars and racecar drivers around on the walls.  I also had a black and white checkered table cloth and hung some "NASCAR" flags and such.  I hung black and white balloons to go along with the checkered table cloth.  I got a NASCAR flag banner which we hung up and then when each child left the party, I clipped off one flag for each child so that it was yet "one more thing" to stuff into their goody bag.  (The banner had multiple flags hanging across it).  A lot of the decorations I got at Party Universe.wonderful place when planning a party. 

The first activity we did at this party was car "painting".  I had purchased a bunch of little wooden cars at Michael's (very inexpensive, probably about 89cents each) and they "painted" them with different colored markers.  This was much easier and less messy than trying to have a bunch of 5 y/o's have paint brushes etc

Then we played some games."Pin the Wheel on the Race Car" I took a poster of a racecar which I bought at Kmart for about 3 dollars.and I made a bunch of black circles with black construction paper with each child's name on it.  Double sticky tape and a blindfold of some sort and you're good to go! 

The next game was throwing a bean bag through a tire.   I found an old tire and "shined" it up somewhat.stood it on it's side and they all took turns throwing the bean bag through it.  Of course the prizes for the games were the inexpensive hotwheels or matchbox cars!!! (Everyone got prizes so no fighting or mad children) The kids had a ball! 

One of the kids was peeking through the tire and I ended up taking a picture.then they all ended up peeking through the tire and I took pictures to enclose with thank yous later on.  A party snack was Oreo cookies with a skittle or an M&M stuck in the middle (with a dab of frosting) and I called them "Tires".  There was a paper punch-out at a scrapbook store of a bear on a tire swing, with the center of the tire punching out for a photo to go in the middle.  I put this on the plate of treats with a picture of the birthday boy! 

The cake was a chocolate cake with a white frosting track with race cars on it.  (Nothing too fancy!  Pretty easy!)  I lucked out with this party, because my very good friend Lori's husband is a racecar driver.  I talked him into coming over in his "racecar attire" and all the kids thought they were meeting a real celebrity!  He gave them all autographed pictures of his racecar and let them all try his helmet on! 

To end the party (aside from cake and ice cream), we watched a short race car video, which could probably be checked out at the local library.  Goody bags include the matchbox cars, candy, the painted cars, and the NASCAR flag. 

The thank yous also included a picture of each wearing the "celebrity race car driver's" helmet.  Beings that this was my "first attempt" at a "Big" children's party, I thought this turned out pretty darn good and we had lots of happy children leaving the house.  A year later, many kids were still talking about the "racecar" party and were wondering when Quinn's next party was! 

And remember.it doesn't matter if you have the BEST house on the block or the biggest (because I certainly don't).kids don't care about that. They just remember how much fun they had!  I am so glad I did this as opposed to the tempting "McD's" party or such. It probably cost a whole lot less AND was a WHOLE lot more fun!  :-)  Enjoy!  Hope you found at least a couple of helpful hints!!! :-)

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