Racing Party

Race Car Party -4yr- Red Light, Green Light




Lesley in Mount Forest, ON  Canada


September 2006


Honorable Mention

Our family enjoys watching Formula 1 races so my son and I decided to do a 'Race Car Party'! 

Invitations: I made my own similar to a black and white checkered flag on the computer and then I typed over top in red.  The invitations read:   Race on over and don't be late, (first name)'s turning four, and we have to celebrate! Drive to the (last name) Speedway on Saturday, September 23 @ 2:00 p.m.  R.S.V.P.  We put a few stickers on them and my son hand delivered his invites.  He thought that was great!   

Decorations:  Dark Grey and Red balloons Happy Birthday balloons  Guessing Game: Something we've been doing for the last few birthday's (my sister-in-law gave me this idea) Purchased 2 sports bottles from the $ Store, and I fill them with candy.  As the kids arrive we ask that the kids guess how much candy is in the sports bottles.  Girls guess on theirs and boys guess on theirs.  The one girl and one boy who comes closest wins the sports bottle with the candy! 

Costume: Prior to the guests arriving I downloaded a drivers licence from the internet and put their picture on it, along with their personal information.  I had them laminated and my husband punched an eye hook into each of them and then I hooked them onto a lanyard (yield right of way! how appropriate) that I bought at a $ Store.  I received wrist bands from my brother too.  I had a sign made Sign-up here... To receive your driver's licence  And, as the guests arrived they were asked to sign-in and receive their drivers license and a wrist band.  The kids thought they were cool to have their own driver's licence and picture on it. 

1st Game:Race Car Course/Pit Stop I had made 2 racing cars out of cardboard boxes and covered them with shinny wrapping paper and decorated them with copies of a Tony Stewart licence place on the back and a picture of his car on the sides, so the kids would become the car.  They also had yellow headlight and red brake lights. Our road is fairly quite so we set-up a racing course outside on the road (grass was wet), and there was 3 pit stops.  I made signs and my husband hammered them into the ground.  We divided the group into 2 teams and raced 2 at a time.  From there each team had to put a player at each station. At the first station, the children had to rotate the tires.  I used black plastic plates and stuck them on with velcro. At the second station, the children had to fill it up with gas (hose was disconnected). At the third station, it was tune-up time.  I had placed some plastic tools there for the kids to pretend they were fixing.  Some of the parents even raced - they thought it was great. 

1st Craft:Wooden Race Car I purchased a wooden race car craft set from the $ Store.  My husband assembled and glued them prior to the party.  So all the kids had to do was paint and decorate them.  I bought some craft paint and brushes.  They all had fun! 

2nd Craft:Stoplight Goody Bag I had brown paper lunch bags and I had green, yellow and red construction paper circles already cut out.  All they had to do was glue them onto the brown paper lunch bags.  These bags were used for the candy that fell out of the pinata. 

2nd Game:Race car Pinata I bought this a Party Packers for $5.  I filled it with candy and a few race cars.  I borrowed a pinata stick.  The kids had a great time! 

3rd Game:Pin the tire on the race car I downloaded a picture of Tony Stewart's race car and whited out the tires.  I then printed and cut out 6 tires.  These where laminated.  I then pinned the race car onto the wall.  The kids took turns being blindfolded, spinned and pinning the tires on the race car.  The same tires were used for each child.  A prize was given to who ever got the closest. 

4th Game:Red Light, Green Light (we didn't get time to play this one - we ran out oif time) One person plays the "stop light" and the rest try to touch him/her.  At the start, all the children for a line about 15 feet away from the stop light.  The stop light faces away from the line of kids and says "green light".  At this point the kids are allowed to move towards the stop light.  At any point, the stop light may say "red light" and turn around.  If any of the kids are caught moving after this, they are out.  Play resumes when the stop light turns back around and says "green light".  The stop light wins if all the kids are out before anyone is able to touch him/her.  Otherwise, the first player to touch the stop light wins the game. 

Winner's Circle: Finally it was off to the 'winner's circle' where each child gave their present to the birthday boy. 

Cake/Cup Cakes: I ordered a Dairy Queen Ice Cream cake, I had them put a gel picture of a Race Car on it.  Looked yummy!  I also made cupcakes for those who don't like ice cream.  Then they received their loot bags when it was time to leave! 

The kids and parents had a great time!!!  On your marks, get set, go!!!

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