Racing Party

Race Car Theme -4yr- Grass Race Track




lisa in sartell, minnesota, usa


October 2005


Honorable Mention

For our son's 4th birthday, we focused on a race car theme, followed by a computer game, Putt Putt, that he enjoys playing.

The invitations were made on computer paper and taped onto black and white checked paper, cut into 4x5 squares; "See you at the finish line! (name) 4th birthday party (Date) (Time) (Address) Bring your mom, dad, brothers and sisters for dinner, dessert and fun. RSVP (phone #) I hope you can race on over!" (parents mag idea)

The day of the party, my husband used lawn paint and painted a white and yellow roadway onto the grass. There was a start and finish line with cones at both ends. We had black and white checkered flags (oriental trading co.)around the outside of the house.

We also had mini flags (o. t. co.)taped on the lights up and down the driveway. When the 4 guests arrived they each got a xerox box which was spray painted and a head and arm holes cut out on the bottom and sides of the box.

The "drivers" could go to the "detailing center" to decorate their box with name, race car number, tape mini flags or just color their box with markers. They could also go to the "tune up" area, which play tools were set out. A "tire changing" area, I bought paper plates at the dollar store and also taped a small circle in the middle of the plate to look like the hub cap and then put velcro on the box and the back of the plates to change their tires.  We had a "gas station" to pump their gas, I used a jump rope attached to a cone.

They could also go to the "car wash". I made strips of paper (2"x 36") and stapled them to the tops of the xerox boxes. When turned upside down they looked like real carwash strips moving back and forth. We hung the boxes to the garage door metal rods, just the right height for the kids to go under.

The kids really enjoyed the different areas, more so than racing their cars out on the lawn. Each area we made around the garage cost 2 cents to visit. I had the older brothers and sisters put out frisbees on the raceway and they could collect their money(frisbees) to pay for their services. The older siblings worked at the areas and helped the kids with whatever they needed to fix up their car.

After playing for around an 1-1 1/2 hours we had dinner, basic menu of sloppy joes, chips, salad, beans. 

After dinner we opened presents and then had cake.  My son and I made the cake. We made 2 round cakes, put them side by side  and frosted them white. We crushed chocolate cookies and put around the outside of the cake for a roadway, we put "good and plenty" white candies for the divider line and then put green sprinkles in the middle and on the sides ( parent mag. Idea). I bought mini race cars with candles at a cake decorator store.

After cake everyone was ready to go. The "drivers" were able to take their race cars and a little goodie bag (o.t. co.)

The siblings also got a little something for helping out. The 4 hour party was a hit with both parents and kids.it was an inexpensive easy way to put on a great party for our son.

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