Racing Party

Race Car Party -4yr- Ice Cream Sundae Buffet




Debbie in Cave Creek, Arizona, USA


Jan 2003


Honorable Mention

For my son Brandon's fourth birthday we had a race car theme. 

For invitations I bought white cardstock which I cut in half and then cut out a winding road out of black construction paper and glued it on.  I used a paint pen to do the white dotted line of the road.  Then I hot glued a hot wheels car on the "road". 

The invitation had a poem that I made up;  Vroommmm, Race on over and don't be late, Brandon is turning four, we have to celebrate!

For decorations we made a balloon arch out of black and white balloons and had checkered flags everywhere.  We rented a inflatable jump that had a race car on top, just to give the kids something to do when we were not doing an activity.

For activities, I made several "stations" that the kids could do or make something. 

Station #1, the DMV, I bought and Izone camera that is instamatic.  The film that comes out is quarter size.  I took each childs photos and put it on licenses that I had pre-made with there d.o.b, name, ect.  Then I used those photo lamination kits and made license for the kids. 

Station #2, was build your own race car from candy.  Use a pack of bubble gum for the body, round red/white christmas candies for the four wheels, and miniture hersheys candy bars for the spoiler.  The kids loved these. 

Station #3 was make your own stoplight goody bad.  Made out of lunch bags and red, green, and yellow construction paper circles I had cut out before hand.  We used these for the goodies that fell out of the race car pinata.  I also set up race car tracks (hotwheels) around the yard.

Since this party was in the latter part of the afternoon, instead of serving lunch I set up an icecream sundae buffet with every imaginable topping and the kids had to "race on over" and make their sundae. 

For the birthday cake I ordered a 4-d racecar cake kit from racecakes.com.

The kids received racing helmets, and hotwheel cars and candy for goody bags.  It was a great day for all, and I got a lot of compliments!!!!

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