Puppy Party

Puppy Party -6yr- Pin the Nose on the Dog




Deanna in Point Pleasant, NJ  United States


March 2009


Special Mention

My daughter wanted a puppy for her own. So we decided to host a make your own puppy party".

INVITATIONS I purchased puppy invites. On the envelopes we stamped puppy paw prints. I then attached a handmade dog tag to the invitation saying "Come Sit  Stay for puppy fun." I then filled out the party information on the bought party invites.

DECORATIONS I purchased puppy themed plates napkinscups etc. on the internet. For the center pieces I found puppy myler balloons latex paw prin tballoons and coordinating colors(blue lime green)latex balloons in bunches on the tables near the presents and by the food. Around the balloons I scattered confetti and placed my daughters  small stuffed dogs(2 to 3 dogs) Paw print crepe paper dangling dogs and dog picture decorations were placed around the backyard.

PARTY ACTIVITIES  As guests arrived we began to stuff our own puppy dogs.I found a great company on the internet where you can order a stuffed animal kit of your choice to go. You have the option of getting a hostess or ordering kits to do your own. The kids had a great time stuffing their dogs naming them and filling out a birth certificate and then they wrote their new dogs name on its collar and cokored them a dog picture (I pre printed from the internet)while I zipped znd snapped up the dogs. The kids loved being able to make and name their own dog. It was time for a break. So we ate.

FOOD My husband made hot dogs and chicken tender kabobs on the barbque. I purchased dog bowls with paw prints at the doller store to serve the food and party mix.(popcorn cheese balls and pretzel nugget mix) I also served chips.Time for more fun.

MORE ACTIVITIES We then played "find the bone". I purchased rawhide bones at the dollar store and painted them different colors( 3 blue 3 red3 green) then I placed the children in three teams and they searched the backyard for each color bone The first team who found all three color bones won.

Then I kept the children in teams and we played 'fetch the newspaper" I placed rolled up newspaprs( I began saving my news papers a few weeks before the party) about 10 feet away. Each team member had to fetch a paper one at a time. The first team to fetch all the papers and sit down in their line won. Next We played "pin the nose on the dog". I made a dog holding a bone with a party hat on out of oak tag and card stock psper.  I cut the dog noses from black construction paper. Blind folded spun them around and the rest is history.

Then  we played a quick game of "fetch" I purchased in expensive dog toys from the dollar store. I threw them up in the air and the kids scrambled to be the first ones to catch the tou. We did this a couple of times. Finally we had some "Pinata Fun" I purchased a dog pinata and filled it with candy and small party treats(ringsdog keychains small kalidoscopes etc) I handed out dog themed celophane treat bags from the dollar store . So when the pinata  rained candy they put it in there bags.(I labeled the bags before time) All of these activities are fast paced so we had plenty of time for all of them. It was finally time for cake.

CAKE AND DESSERT I made a dog bone cake with white icing. I used a 1/2 sheet pan and cut it out in the shape of a bone. I also made chocolate icing cupcakes with sprinkles and dog picks I made.( I printed out dog images from my print shop program in duplicate. Cut them out and glued them together on toothpicks) I also served chocolate covered pretzels and suger cookie dog bones. Everything was easy to make. 

PARTY TREAT BAGS Each guest then went home with a "doggie bag" filled with treats. I used brown paper lunch bags. I printed out dog bones from print shop onto cardstock and glued them to clothe pins to fold down and close the lunch bag. I also printed out address labels with dog images and printed Thank You Your Friend (childs name) and stuck it on the front of the bag. Inside the treat bags was a play whistle bounce ball small dog fingure dog tag necklace.and small bubbles. (which I used address labels to print dog figures on and said (childs name) 6th birthday party. All the items were found at the dollar store or oriental trading.

This birthday party was a day filled with great fun. All the kids had a blast. "

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