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Amber in Liberty Township, OH  USA


July 2009


Runner Up

I had as much fun planning the party as my daughter, Jamie, did having it.  I got a lot of great ideas from this website.  Several I used.  Several I wanted to but, at one point decided I better scale back.  Others I came up with once my creative juices began to flow.  This party was for my daughter's 3rd birthday.  I involved her in making the decorations and invitations as much as possible. 

For the invitations we bought blank notecards and the Disney Princess scrapbook  collection to decorate them.  I typed up something similar to Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  You are most cordially invited to attend the Third Birthday Celebration of Princess Jamie.  This event will be held at the (last name) castle from 11am to 2pm.  Wear your royal attire.  All Princes Princesses Knights Lords Ladies commoners and dragons are welcome.  There will be grand adventure and lunch.  Regrets only to Lady (Mom's name)."  I used scrapbook scissors to create a worn edge.  Using a wet teabag I dabbed the edges careful not to smear the writing but to yellow the edges.  On the card cover I glued pieces of Princess scrapbook paper I had cut.  Jamie placed a princess sticker on top of each card.  For the address labels I put a picture of Cinderella on the girls invitation and Snow White's evil stepmother on the boys.  Each was written to Princess/Knight (First Name) of the land of (Last Name).  On the back Jamie placed another princess theme sticker to seal the invitations.  7 Girls and 11 boys were invited total 5 girls and 5 boys actually attended.   

For the first decorations we made Jamie picked out dresses for the Disney Princesses to wear on a game from DisneyPrincess.com.  We printed them and cut them out.   I took 2 sheets of tissue paper and folded them together accordion style.  I then folded them in half and fastened the top of the papers together and then the bottoms to make a circular shape.  Using a glue stick we fastened a Princess to each one.  We hung these on our front porch with ribbon from the 4 hanging plants we have.  With my mom's help we turned the Dining room into a Ballroom.  Cutting 2 pink plastic tablecloths in half we attached one end of each using pipe cleaners to the hanging light in the center of the room.   The other ends we draped out and tacked to the ceiling allowing a foot of material to hang loose.  To cover the light chain we used tulle flowers I made.  Simply fold a piece of tulle at least 3 inches wide by however long you want in accordion style fold in the middle and wrap a pipe cleaner around it towards the bottom to fasten.  Pull the material in different directions to create the blossom of your flower.  Use the other end of the pipe cleaner to fasten it to the chain.  Using 4x2 strips of tulle we tied them around the center of the hanging light and let them fall loose.  I attached Jamie's foam butterfly stickers to make it look like they were flying.  Plastic tablecloths covered the tables.  The Little People Castle was used a centerpiece.  Using Jamie's old pink twin bedspread I covered a chair and fastened with safety pins.  I also tied tulle around the center for support and brought loose ends to the front for decoration.  I stuffed leftover tulle flowers into both sides. 

For her seat I bought a pink pillow with a crown and the word "Princess" on it.  On the Dining Room mirror I put a picture of Snow White's stepmother and the words Mirror Mirror On The Wall...  On the wall next to where Jamie sat to open presents I taped the Disney Scene Setter castle to the wall.  Decorating the walkway up to the house I had 4 clusters of balloons.  I bought enough that each child could take one home with them.  At the beginning of the walkway was a wagon for everyone to place Jamie's presents. 

All the girls came dressed in their princess gowns the boys came in their civilian clothes.  As they arrived I passed out their goody bags.  The girls goody bags included all the accessories a princess would need sticker earrings necklaces bracelets and a cape.  The cape was of a shiny silver material I bought from JoAnn Fabric's clearance rack.  I simply cut it into rectangles and attached a safety pin to fasten.  I also added these to the boys goody bags.  The boys were harder to do.  I gave up on knight items and went with pirates as they were from the same era.  I found pirate eye patches and earrings as well as compasses for their goody bags all from Walmart.  Both bags also included little eye magnifiers to aid on adventures and a coloring book Jamie and I made.  I printed coloring pages I found on the internet of each princess and a picture of Jamie wearing a crown and holding her princess dolls.  At the bottom of the picture of Jamie I wrote "Thank you for coming to my party!".  We added a piece of construction paper on top for the cover which Jamie decorated with Princess stickers.  I cut an inch wide piece of decorated card stock and placed on the top of the construction paper stacked the coloring sheets and Jamie's Thank You sheet behind it followed by a full decorated card stock page as the back cover and stapled together. 

Once each child had their goody bag we made crowns to wear.  I had card tables set up on the front porch covered with plastic table cloths.  One for the crowns and one for tattoos.  I lucked out and found the crowns on sale at Michael's for .50 each.  I bought several styles of foam stickers for them to choose from for decorations.  After they were done and while we were still waiting on the other children to arrive we put on the Princess/Pirate tattoos.  The day was calling for rain so we couldn't wait too long to begin the games as they were outside.  I had my mom hide the wagon of gifts and went to find Jamie and gather the other children.  I read a letter I wrote and signed from the Evil Witch Queen.  It said: "Princess Jamie Thou may be the fairest of them all but as you did not invite me to your party I have taken all your presents.  You must embark on a grand adventure in order to find them.  If the wicked dragon has not yet eaten them!"  I pointed out to Jamie that all her presents were now gone.  She began to tear up to my horror and to my own stupidity.  What else would a 3 year old do when told her presents were gone?  But all was well as I quickly explained that we were going on a grand adventure to find them. 

Our first stop was the cottage of the 7 Dwarfs.  I printed a picture of the dwarfs and colored a large picture of Snow White with her animal friends which I laminated and attached garden posts to make them stand in from of Jamie's playhouse.  There were no presents there but there was a delicious apple.  We sat in a circle and passed the apple around while Papaw played Heigh Ho Heigh Ho from the Princess CD.  When he stopped the child who held the apple took a bite and then fell into a sleep just like Snow White.  This went well for awhile until they all decided they'd rather eat the apple.  It took some calculation on my part but with the help of my friend Krysta we determined the winner was Princess Courtney. 

From there we visited Jasmine and Aladdin at the "Cave of Wonders".  Again I laminated a picture and attached garden posts to make it stand in front of the cave.  This picture was of Jasmine and Aladdin riding horseback.  The cave was Jamie's princess tent covered in a grayish blue bedspread.  I had filled a plastic tub with kitty litter gravel and placed in a chest I had.  To make it look like a treasure chest I attached shiny jewel shape stickers around the lid edge.  In the gravel I hid rings.  I put only one diamond ring in.  Each child took a turn finding 2 rings.  After they chose their rings I asked who had found the "Diamond in the Rough".  Princess Maddy had found it. 

For the prizes I passed out large hard back Disney Princess books I bought from Half Price Books.  One was Aladdin and the other Mulan.  I tried to pick ones the boys would like as well.  There were no presents their either so we continued on to visit the dragon.  The dragon was a pull string pinata filled with candy and toys that we hung from a hanging flowerpot pole.  Each child took a turn pulling a string until the goodies were released.  After they put all their findings in their goody bags I pretended to read a note I found from the dragon that said Jamie's presents were waiting for her in the Ballroom.   With bubblewands I knighted them all for finding Jamie's presents.  As we finished setting up for lunch the the children played with their bubbles.    

For lunch we grilled hot dogs and brats and laid out a selection of toppings.  We had gold fish crackers fruit watermelon and Jamie's favorite black olives for sides.  For beverages we had Capri Suns Lemonade and bottled water.  After lunch we brought out the desserts.  I made star Rice Krispie cookies on a stick for each child and a pan for us adults.  I also made magic wands which were pretzel rods dipped in chocolate or white chocolate rolled in sprinkles.  They were the biggest hit!.  Both I had in Disney baskets that I placed on the table.  For the cake Jamie asked for a castle cake.  I stacked two round white cakes and cut 3 ice cream cones in different heights that I placed on top and covered all in white icing.  I made a door with a graham cracker and placed flower candy cake decorations around the cake on the sides.  On the top around the cake edge I placed mini white marshmallows.  On the top I also placed standing pictures of all the Princesses and 3 candles.  I sprinkled colorful candies around them.  I made the cake 2 days prior and decorated the day before.  After the cake Jamie opened her presents.  She was one very happy Princess.  I had scheduled the party from 11am - 2pm not sure how long the activities would take.  The last hour everyone just visited.  Later I received feedback from the other parents that naps went well that afternoon.  It was a great day of fun even though it rained as soon as we got inside for lunch.  More importantly everyone had so much fun I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!    "

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