Princess Party

Nature's Fairies Party 6-9yr - Fairy Bingo




Zad in Hawalli, NA, Kuwait


November 2008


Honorable Mention

Hello, girls and parents looking for a grat birthday party idea! This is a party that will appeal to any girl between the ages of six and nine, who loves fairies, natura, adventures and magic!  Each girl was assigned a special power. E.g. Fairy of the Sun, Fairy of flowers, Fairy of animals etc. The birthday girl was the  Nature fairy princess.

INVITATIONS: We personalized the invitations for every girl! We hand-made them. Each girl got an invitation shaped like her special power. The text went so: The princess of Nature Fairies (Name of birthday girl) is summoning the best fairies of her land to help her save the world. You (Name of girl and her power) are one of them, and are urgently asked to come! The pollution witches are threathening to destroy the world! The world needs your help! The princess discovered that the leader of the pollution witches is hiding in (Party location), and the best time to fight her is (Date and time). It  is best to be dressed in your most powerful and beautiful fairy clothes, the witches hate them! Come,come, fairies of the land! 

DECORATIONS: For decorations we used everythink pink and green! Animal shapes and flower garlands were abudant, too. 

THE PARTY: As soon as the girls came in, with sweet, classical music playing, we gave them maps to help them find their magic weapons, somehow related to their power. (e.g. Fairy of flowers could get a necklace with flower beads.)The fairy prncess got any item she wanted, which she chose before the party.  When everyone was present, the witch came in. In this case, I played her, so here you will either need and adult or an older child willing to entertain the girls. The witch of pollution wanted to destroy the fairies, so a series of battles went on. Each battle earned the girls or the witch 1 power point. Most powerpoints win:

-Dancing, Fighting: Here both the girls and the witch will have to dance to many types of music, and in the end parents decide who is the best. 

-Stick the trees on the forest: Like the traditional stick the tail on the donkey, the girls must try to put back the trees on the frest the witch has burned.

-Fairy bingo: Bingo with fairy pictures.

-Make fairy fall!: The witch will hold the fairies by their legs and they will walk on their hands for a corridor. They must manage to walk it all without falling.

-Treasure hunt!: Fairies must find some magic items in …. Min. that the witch will try to hide.

-Tick the world-helper!: Here the girls have to find the un-enviromental friendy actions and cross them, while ticking the enviroment-friendly ones. You can find tricky stuff.

-Enchanted animals.: A quiz show on fascinating animal facts. You can find those on the web and on reference books.

-Last Battle: Here it was a battle to the last spell! The girls have to say rhiming spells to beat the witch, somehow related to their powers, and use their magic items in creative ways.    And many, many other variations of traditional party games made to fit this theme. Make as many as you want depending on the time you have.  In the end, if the fairies win, the witch will be very weak. So they will take her and throw her in a puryfing magical place, which could be anything from a couch to a swimming pool. Now the girls can play freely, anything they want. They love this! 

COSTUMES: Fairy costumes for the girls and something black and black hat, maybe some makeup, for the witch. 

PARTY SNACKS: Chips and all kinds of sweets were served in fancy plates. Also drinckes were in fancy cups. And if you give them special names they will be a lot more interesting!  

CAKE: We made a cake with a fairy drawn on it. Then we wrote on it: Well done fairies! And Hooray fairy-princess (Name)! 

FAVORS: In the end we gave the girls little thank-you gifts regarding their powers.  Have a great party!

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