Princess Party

Princess Claire 5yr - Royal Stairway Entrance




Penny in Litiz, PA


June 2004



My daughter turned 5 on June 4th, 2004. We planned a Princess party for her. We sent royal invitations using a castle frame and saying "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A royal princess party is being held on Saturday, June 5th to celebrate the 5th birthday of Princess Claire. Princess XXXXX, Princess Claire requests the honor of your royal presence at Fisher Castle. Please arrive at 1 Oclock dressed in your best princess attire. Your carriage may arrive at 3 O'clock for your  departure. Please state your intent on coming to the royal staff.Be prepared for a magical time! Fisher Castle, Lititz, PA"

Outside decorations - Royal mini-flag (glitter felt with gold/silver trim & fabric painted Fisher Castle & designs) - Door decoration (signage on bottom half of door + coreplast & foamboard painted silver & silver glitter cutout and attached to look like a castle turret - Glittered swirly sticks bordering walkway and in planter princesses welcome sign in planter - silver star garland around light post. Guests are greeted by the fairy godmother (friend). Gifts may be placed on coffee table in living room.  Fairy godmother guides each guest to the royal salon (some special vanity (small table with tablecloth & mirror & stools for assistants white robes for costumes) with royal throne-like seat blue satin pillow shams on back and seat of dining room chair) where two royal assistants (niece & friend) who will paint their nails (assistant #1) and apply lip gloss to their lips & glitter gel to their cheeks (and hair?) and royal scented spray (assistant #2)

When the princesses are not at the salon, they can occupy themselves with decorating their princess tiaras (tiara designs attached to headband which they decorate with stick-on jewels & glitter pens write princess name on bag and put extra stuff in their goody bag goody bags sit on counter) and making royal bracelets - this station will be at the kitchen table with a chair for each princess - until everyone is completed. Fairy godmother performs the royal ceremony for each princess. She calls up each princess (Princess Claire is last) with their tiara in hand and has them sit on the royal throne-like seat with backdrop (printed out different shapes of stars onto paper.  Cut them out and spray-painted them gold. Attached iron-on adhesive applied to sheers made masking tape actually stick to it! -  stars to double layer of sheers hanging from yardsticks.). She will have a certificate of royalty for each princess (all certificates but Claire's will be rolled up and tied with ribbon Claire's will be attached to a clipboard from which the Fairy godmother reads then hands the girls their own certificate) and will read each one for each princess after placing the tiara on their head Princess ________, royal status of princess has been awarded upon you by your fairy godmother. You must be kind to all creatures, you must use the royal smile often (as this time the fairy godmother indicates that they are to smile and then their picture will be taken) and most importantly of all, you must behave as a princess at all times for this princess spell can only be broken by throwing a huge fit! This was printed over a watermarked castle clip art and signed by the Fairy Godmother with a signature font. After each princess has completed the ceremony, they will put their certificate in their goody bag and take their goody bag with them as they return to their seat at the kitchen table where they will sit until all ceremonies are completed. After Claire's ceremony, Claire will remain on the throne (and her certificate will remain on the clipboard) where the other princesses will stand around the throne for a group photo. Each princess is announced trumpet blast (another niece? Using red trumpet) Presenting Princess _____________. Each princess is then escorted down the royal stairway (glittered sheers hang from ceiling and are lighted) by Prince Charming (Mark in David W tuxedo) while carrying their goody bags, which they will put on the round table downstairs. After escorting, Mark will take camera disk upstairs to print out princess pictures one individual picture and one group picture per princess (3.5X5 size). Thank you stickers will be attached to the back of the individual photo. These read Thank you for coming to our enchanted kingdom to celebrate Princess Claire's 5th birthday. We had a royal good time because you were there. Your gift was a grand addition to my royal collection. Thank you Princess Claire.

PRINCESS GAMES & CRAFTS (Play appropriate princess music during each game or craft from Princess CD in portable player: SLEEPING BEAUTY Pin the prince's kiss on Sleeping Beauty make a poster of Sleeping Beauty sleeping and 6 sets of lips with each princess name on them. Blindfold (eye mask thing) and spin. Whoever is closest gets to pick from treasure chest first, second closest picks second, etc. I attached masking tape to back of lips and put on sticker book page so they are ready to go.  (6 bracelet & ring sets in treasure basket) ARIEL Treasure Cove  - Shades of blue and green crepe paper from garment rack to decorate Ariel's cove. Use folding table with 6 folding chairs) Have 6 treasure packets in pond (box painted blue inside (blue sparkle paint) and grey on outside). Each girl will use fishing rod (paper clip hook) to get a treasure packet. Bottom of treasure packet will be marked with a heart or a star, which indicates what type of bottle they will decorate.  They will open treasure packets and dump two treasure packets on each of 3 unmarked paper plates. There are also 6 paper plates; each one marked with one of the guests names on it to be their workspace and to identify the mosaics.  They can choose a design (pictures of sample designs will be provided) or make one of their own and glue the plastic jewels on the bottles to create a mosaic one side of the bottle. The mosaics will dry on their workspaces and later be put into their goody bags with extra jewels) JASMINE Musical Magic Carpets 6 magic carpets (borrow carpet squares from church) each a different color, when the music stops a color is picked from a jar and whoever is on the carpet of that color is out. When you are out, you remove your carpet square, pick a prize from the treasure chest and then you pick the next color. (Nail polish and jewelry sets in treasure basket) BELLE Enchanted Cups create-a-mug with sticker sheet insert. (Use long wooden table with 6 folding chairs) They each pick a mug. Inside of the mug is a piece of paper. They will remove the paper and turn it over to reveal a number. They each pick one set of princess stickers from each bag (#1 picks first) and use them to decorate the sticker sheets (both sides if they want). Attach tape with name on it to bottom of cup for identification. Put extra stickers in goody bag. SNOW WHITE Pass the Poison Apple  - Girls pass around an apple as they repeat the Snow White phrase ("Pass the poison apple, don't let it come near to you. But even the poison apple can't keep your dreams from coming true"). Each girl says a word then passes the apple to the next person. The person who has to say the last word is out and gets to choose a treasure. (6 jewelry sets in treasure basket) When games and crafts are over the clock with strike midnight (tape recording) indicating it is time to attend the royal feast (Bring enchanted cups from work table upstairs to the feast. Dining room is decorated (princess/pearlized balloons & crepe paper). Princess tablecloth and plates, pink tableware & Enchanted cups. Centerpiece is the castle cake (made by Mark's mom), princess foods Jasmine's jelly sandwiches; Cinderella's cheese chunks; Ariel's watermelon, Belle's bugles, Sleeping Beauty's chocolate dipped strawberries & Snow White's apple slices (these were only prepared at the last minute (only cut up two to start) as the other princess food is announced and displayed on the table that was used for make-up (minus the make-up and mirror). We also served Pink Lemonade. Gift opening time while cake is being cut. Claire sits on one princess folding chair and other princess sits on the other one. Each princess is announced and presents gift. They stay until the gift is opened and then a picture is taken with both girls and gift. CINDERELLA Pass the Parcel Princesses sit in a circle, each with a wrapped gift (the purses). Fairy godmother reads the story of Cinderella. Every time the word Cinderella was read, the girls pass the gifts around one place. When the story is finished, they keep the gift they are holding. Time to eat cake! (and ice cream) CINDERELLA Cinderella Bubble Ball Outside (weather permitting - it rained so this was in the basement as well) - Make balloon wands for each princess & sibling (have lots of extras) also hand out candy necklaces, then they dance to princess music amid lots of bubbles (Use 3 or 4 bubble guns).

THE END. I couldn't have done it without this site. Many ideas were taken directly from other plans or adapted from other plans or inspired by other plans. It was alot of work, but great fun to prepare for and have. Thanks for reading!

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